My holiday essentials

As I am currently on my holiday in sunny Spain I thought I would let you know my holiday must haves!


Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Spray Oil: 

This is my go-to sun screen! I use this every year and think the oil helps with gaining a deeper bronzed glow; as stated in the name it is oil based so you do end up feeling rather greasy (in my opinion) but aslong as you don’t smother it on and use it sparingly then it’s fine.

Piz Buin After Sun:

I use this just before bed; I put it on everywhere not  just my burnt areas. The after sun is with tanimell which is supposed to help assist in a darker tan – and as I don’t tan to well I thought every little helps!

Casting Sunkiss Gel:

Now if you’re like me; naturally brunette in the middle of the very long process that is going brown to blonde then you will love this little tube of joy. This gel is my one must have for a sunny holiday. I apply the gel through my damp hair and leave to dry naturally in the sun. The gel reacts with heat; whether that is a hair dryer, hair straighteners or the sun and lightens your hair colour. I get my hair done every 6-8 weeks (a full head of highlights) and because I will not trust anyone else I will only go to Tony & Guy which costs a fortune each time. So using this gel on holiday means because my hair lightens so much I can miss one of my appointments and save some pennies! Woohoo!

Tangle Teezer:

What with being in the pool, swimming in the sea and the wind in your hair, a Tangle Teezer is another go-to item of mine.

BB Cream:

Wearing make-up on holiday is a big no-no for me. I mean who wants to see you with your face melting off after 5 minutes in the sun? But going out in the evening requires some form of coverage and so I always take some BB Cream on holiday with me. It’s more of a moisturiser with a hint of colour so it’s light and glides on easy. I then just set with a translucent powder and off I go!

Hat and Sunnies:

Obviously a cute hat and pair of sunglasses should be on every girls must-have list. Every year I buy myself a new pair of sunnies; usually from River Island, they’re reasonably priced and as I buy them each year I can pick the ones which are in fashion at that point. In regards to a hat – now I know you can get some really nice hats from Asos, River Island etc. But if you’re going somewhere hot and popping down to the beach there are so many shops with hats to purchase – I got mine for €9! And for that price I can use it for the 2 week holiday and it doesn’t really matter if I don’t take it home.

Insect repellent bracelet:

If you’re like me and seem to attract all the insects in the world and get bitten every time you go away then maybe try an insect repellent bracelet. My one was bought at the local pharmacy but you can easily get them online on Amazon and Ebay.

A decent book:

A good book is another essential to me. There’s nothing better than laying by the pool or at the beach in the sunshine reading a good book. So far I have read 2 books this holiday one of which being The Girl On The Train which I would recommend to anyone that hasn’t yet read it! It’s a page turner for sure!

So that’s it for my summer holiday essentials! Hope you enjoyed the read – and I’ll leave you with another summer tip!

For keeping drinks cool this summer slice lemons and lime and put in a pot in the freezer, when you have a drink take a couple slices for some fruity ice cubes for your drinks!

You can do the same with grapes for your wine!

Love Bumble x



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