Here today – Scone tomorrow..

Hi y’all!

So a member of my team at work recently asked me if I had any ideas for a cheap day out in London.

London is full of things to do, cool places to eat, places to visit  – it just seems to me you only really hear about the cool stuff from other people suggesting it.

I suggested visiting London’s Sky Garden – for those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Sky Garden is a viewing point which overlooks London; it has a restaurant and a couple coffee shop type counters so you can grab yourself a muffin and a coffee and enjoy the view! Oh and did I mention it’s free?! I would suggest you book in advance though just incase as it can get abit busy!

When I think of London I think Afternoon Tea – and what’s better than afternoon Tea? Afternoon Tea with a twist!

I visited Muriel’s Kitchen in Soho on the same day as the Sky Garden and was in love with everything about it! From the decor, to the picnic bench that the afternoon tea comes out on (that’s the twist!) and the cute little take out boxes they give you to take home anything you just can’t manage to fit in! Oink oink!

Here’s a couple pictures I took at Muriel’s kitchen – a good find, and for around £16 per person I will definitely be heading back there soon!

Love Bumble x

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