Besti’ with my Besties..

Ohh Em Gee! Bestival 2016 was redonk!

For those who don’t know Bestival is a 4 day Festival held on the Isle of Wight.

It was my very first ‘overnight’ Festival and although I was right to dread those disgusting portaloo’s (I never want to see one ever again!!) every other aspect of the Festival was bloody brilliant!

I’m talking a giant Robot, THE biggest bouncy castle, a Spaceman, Rocket, real Owls, rides, a lake, a maze, a Forest and so much more!!

Out of the artists we saw my faves have to be Craig David, Mo, Wiz Khalifa, Years and Years, Diplo and Major Lazer! I was so excited to see Sean Paul but the amount of people that went to watch him was unreal and we were squashed in like sardines! We had to go further back so we could breath and then the music was muffled and nowhere near loud enough! So that was sh*te!

So apart from Sean Paul and the Portaloo’s the weekend was sick! Wish I could do it all over again!

Here’s a couple pictures taken from the weekend – roll on next year!

Love Bumble x







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