Blonde hair don’t care..

Hi Y’all

Now I’m not naming any names but the last 2 times I have been to the hairdressers near where I live and requested to go ‘blonde’ I’ve been fobbed off with a full head of highlights and a bill for £160 for the pleasure.

I fully understand that going from brunette to blonde isn’t an easy process but I see loads of other people being able to do so – so it’s not impossible in one sitting as I was wrongly lead to believe.

Fear not my friends – pretty bitch to the rescue! And I’m not talking about myself when I say that..

Pretty Bitch is a salon in Portsmouth – they work wonders!!

They do colour, make up, nails, hair updos, extensions and more; in a nutshell everything you could wish for in a salon!

So I booked in an appointment and they worked their magic! They got me to a lovely blonde with a root drag to make it look more natural and I LOVE IT!

Take a look below at some pics I took whilst there and my after pic!

Love Bumble x





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