Secrets spilled..

Hi Y’all!

Last week I had a meeting with my manager in which I handed over that envelope of dread..

I’m talking my resignation letter; I did it, I put on my big girl knickers, man’d da fuck up and told them about my plans! 

I did mention my plans last year to work so I’ve not sprung this on them out of the blue – that would be reckless behaviour..

Handing in my resignation was a sad day ..the problem being that I actually enjoy my job..

I love the work, I love team and I love the people ..all of them ..okay most of them ..okay some of them (big up my main bitches, you know who you are) would have been so much easier (for me) if I hated work and couldn’t wait to leave but that isn’t the case!

However I know that choosing to travel will bring me joy and so much experience – oh did I not mention I was going travelling? Must have slipped my mind..

Well to fill you in this is the main reason I created this blog I could update it whilst travelling so my friends and family can see what I’m up to! And generally just be abit nosey without actually messaging me then worrying that I’ve died when I haven’t replied for a couple of days! 

Now I have told work I have been able to actually ask questions to colleagues that have been there, done that! 

I’ve even been given some travel books to read through ..

In my next post I’ll update you abit more on when and where!

Til next time!

With love,



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