My Travel Plans: Stop 1

Hi Y’all! 

In my last post I spilled the beans that I had handed in my resignation and was off to travel the world.. I wanted to give a little bit more info in the form of the W’s..


– Now I would love to be so care free and explore the world alone but 1. I’m far to scared to do that and 2. I’ve been with my other half for around 4 years now and he’s not getting rid of me that easily! So myself and my boyfriend Ryan are going together (place your bets on who will kill the other first) 


– About a year ago me and Ryan were looking into moving out together. I’m not talking about renting a place, I’m talking getting a mortgage, the real deal (the ’25 year commitment, huge lump sum deposit’ real deal). We had gone to mortgage advisors, visited a couple of flats/houses and were serious about our next chapter. 

Ryan had always mentioned to me he wanted to travel; way before our mortgage talks. Travelling was never something that appealed to me; not knowing where you’re going to go, to stay, to work, to WASH?! I know eww. 

But the idea slowly grew on me until one day I just thought fuck it; if we don’t do this now while we have no major commitments then we’ll never get to go! After that decision was made all the travel planning and looking at where to go was so so exciting!


– We leave England on the 1st July! 17 days people!! I can’t believe its come around so quickly and I have this horrible feelling like we’re forgetting things! (Fingers crossed it’s just a feeling!)


– Our first stop is Thailiand! Although I’m now all up for the idea of travelling the world I am still majorly scared and I want to try and ease myself into it. So we decided that a tour would be the best option for us. 

Our tour is called ‘Indochina’ and lasts for 30 days. Accommodation, travel, some activities and most meals are included so I’m a lot more relaxed about our first stop! 

The tour starts in Thailand and basically goes round South East Asia in a circle ending up back in Thailand.. 

See the pic below of the route we’ll be taking and all the stops! 

First stop – Indochina tour 

Second stop – ? – find on my next post! 

Til next time!

With love,



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