My Travel Plans: Stop 2

Hi Y’all
In my last post I explained a little bit about how myself and Ryan decided to go traveling and also told you our first stop would be Thailand where we then go on to explore South East Asia for about a month..

Our second stop is.. 

– drum roll please – 


Now I’m not kidding when I say every person I have spoken to that has visited Bali has said it was beautiful and they would love to go back or have stayed longer say my expectations are high would be an understatement..

We are planning to be in Bali for around a fortnight (I can hear the gasps from those who have visited before ‘a fortnight?! That’s not long enough!’) ..but we are just an average couple with average jobs *cough* ex-jobs *cough* so we need to be realistic with our budget ; of course if we were raking it in we would love to stay longer in places but the fact is we’re not and we need funds for our third stop! 

In Bali we are doing another small tour; again accommodation, transport and some meals are included so we can relax a little!

The tour starts in Sanur and ends in Candidasa. I’m excited to visit sacred Temples, walk through the Rice Terraces and enjoy some Balinese cuisine! Ohh and visit some beautiful beaches of course! 

We’re also hoping to visit Gili T which isn’t included in our tour but I have heard it’s a must! 

If our views on Bali mirror that of others who have been then we have already discussed maybe coming back to Bali before flying home.. although I have mentioned a few (hundred) other places to Ryan that I would like to visit! 

Here’s the map of the small tour and where we will be visiting! 

Stop 1 – Thailand 

Stop 2 – Bali

Stop 3 – ? 

Find out on my next post! 

Bye for now! 

Love Bumble x 

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