My Travel Plans: Stop 3 & 4

Hi Y’all! 

Less than 24 hours to go before our travel journey begins! 

Am I looking forward to a 15 hour flight to Thailand? Hmm it’s a no from me..

I’ve been so busy this week I’ve not really had a chance to breath; let alone think about the fact that I am leaving my friends and family for over a year.. 

Thinking about it does make me really sad but I am so excited for my adventures ahead! Im definitely not going to be getting any sleep tonight – excitement overload!

In my last posts I let you know what our first 2 stops are: 

Stop 1 – Thailand 

Stop 2 – Bali 

As I am leaving the country tomorrow I thought I better update on our 3rd (and 4th) stop! 

After Bali me and Ryan are visiting New Zealand!! 

For how long I hear you ask? ..the answer to that is who bloody knows! 

It is onwards from our 3rd stop that our travelling becomes a little less structured – you know ‘care free’ and all that!

We have booked one thing for New Zealand which is our form of travel! We have already paid for a bus pass from Kiwi Experience!

The Kiwi Experience have loads of different bus passes you can choose from; all the way around one island, half of one and half of the other, all of one and half of the other and so on. 

The pass we have purchased includes both islands and is called ‘the whole kit and caboodle’ ..the pass is valid for 12 months and you can get off at all stops and stay for however many days you like in that place. Then when you’re ready to move on you just hop on the bus to the next stop – simple!

Here’s some pics of the route and where the bus stops! 

How long we stay in New Zealand for is completely dependant on our funds as we will need money for our final destination …


We’ve got a years working holiday visa for Aus and plan to alternate working/saving and travelling/spending! 

I can’t believe it’s come around so quickly – our bags are packed, our goodbyes said and now onto a drink and an early night (hopefully)! 

‘Til next time! 

Love Bumble x 

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