My Travel Diary: Asia

Hi y’all!

First blog update brought to you from Asia! Yay we made it! 

Apart from my ankles swelling up to the size of a balloon and a slight delay, the 15 hour flight went well (as far as 15 hour flights go) 

Me and Ry have been pretty busy since we touched down in Bangkok.

Our transfer to the hotel was around 45 minutes, we checked into the hotel and only just had time to freshen up before our welcome meeting for our tour! 

Our CEO (customer experience officer) for the tour is a Thai man called ‘M’ ..well that’s not his actual name but his full name is far too long and hard to pronounce so he goes by ‘M’ which is nice and easy for my brain to remember!

M was very nice and super smiley! He spoke to us and the other 7 people on the tour about what we would be doing, anything to look out for, some does and don’t’s etc.

Do stay open minded and appreciate the culture..

Don’t do drugs or go to prostitutes – *rolls eyes* well that’s my plans ruined!

After our welcome meeting we then went out in Bangkok and visited a small local restaurant to try some Thai dishes.

I tried a rice dish and I didn’t like it (to much coriander for this fuss pot)

Ryan’s was very nice; just a simple red curry and sticky rice – with a beer on the side of course!

We then tried to have a good nights sleep ready for a 6 AM start the next day – yep you read that right 6 AM – might as well be back at work aye? 

We left at 6AM to start our bus journey to cross the boarder into Cambodia. Thankfully it was a private bus with air-con and I managed to catch up on a little bit of sleep! We had to walk through the boarder so we had to say goodbye to our private bus and wait at a small pick up station for another bus to arrive. 

This gave me a chance to see the locals and just sit back and observe. The streets were chaotic; filled with cars, tuk tuks and mopeds rushing by, I lost count of the amount of people roaming around bare foot and many people were walking past holding umbrellas to shield them from the sun.

Did I mention it’s boiling?! I’m quite a sweaty person anyway (sorry to much info) so I literally could feel the beads of sweat on me ..when I looked around I saw local people in jackets, trousers, wearing layers and jeans – YES JEANS?! Are they mad?!

We eventually reached our hotel to check in then made our way to have dinner at ‘New Hope – Cambodia’. This is a school that was set up for local children; the tour company we booked through support this school and its onsite training restaurant. The school children come to learn and also have their meals included which are all cooked onsite. 

They produced a set menu of boiled rice, vegetable curry, a noodle and beef dish along with vegetable parcels and fruit to finish! It was delicious! 

On our journey out to dinner we noticed a sign for a night market so after our meal we got a tuk tuk to take us there to have a little look; I got myself a cheap pair of cotton trousers ready for any visits where ladies need to be covered! 

Updating my blog seems to have been abit difficult since landing in Asia – yes a lot of places have wifi however some places the speed is extremely slow so might as well be non-existent and also things have been pretty fast passed so I haven’t been able to set aside some time to post! 

Luckily this new hotel has a very good wifi so I will hopefully update you again soon! 

‘Til next time! 

Love Bumble x  

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