My Travel Diary: Asia

Hi Y’all 

Yesterday was our first full day in Cambodia and what a day it was! 
One of the things from this trip I was most looking forward to was looking at all the old temples and yesterday was that day! We woke up early in the hopes of seeing the sunrise skim over the temples. We did see a little bit of the sunrise as we walked to the temple but after this it was too cloudy to see! 

A tour guide walked (and talked) us around the Angkor Wat Temples which were simply beautiful – his English was very good and his knowledge vast! He was very informative on the history of the Temples and the ways of life back in the day… maybe slightly too informative at times as our feet were killing by the end of it! 

The Temple tour was everything I expected and more. The buildings aged and dishevelled but still showing their original beauty. 

Many buildings still had distinctive carvings/faces and there were trees who’s roots had grown around the stone. There was even a face that could be seen through the roots of the trees which was slightly spooky! 

I saw a couple things on the tour that I wasn’t expecting…

Firstly, I noticed in the gardens that surrounded the Temple a man cutting the grass using a scythe… our tour guide must have caught a couple of us looking as he then went on to tell us that the man was cutting the grass ready to pile up and create hay. 

Secondly, there were monkeys wandering around freely around the Temples – loads of them! We were told to be very careful as they have a habit of snatching things out of your hand; food, phones, cameras etc!  

And lastly there were elephants being used as a form of transport. The elephants themselves were lovely to see but I couldn’t help feeling extremely saddened watching them being directed away with passengers on their backs. There was a ‘driver’ sitting on their neck using his feet to kick behind each ear to give the elephant direction. 
I did see them get fed so I guess that’s something… 

After our temple visit we then went on to have lunch in a quiet restaurant where we walked through a long wooden archway to get inside; along the way I noticed a small wooden house with upside down beer bottles used as a pathway, how very strange! 
I played it safe with noodles and Ryan tried beef Akoy…

In the evening we all went out together for a meal at a restaurant that also put on a dancing show. The show was mesmerising and consisted of Coconut dance, Khmer dance, Mekhala dance, Fisherman dance and Apsaras ballet. 

Our tour as a group hadn’t really had a chance to let our hair down and get to know each other properly so we decided to all go out to a local bar and have ‘a few’. 
We went to a place called ‘Yolo Bar’… I know, hilarious! It was a small bar with street art on the walls, massive barrels for tables and a car bonnet for a DJ table! 

The drinks were dirt cheap and we also had some entertainment of fire juggling, limbo and a young local girl street dancing like I’ve never seen before!

We’re moving on to another hotel now so catch up with you soon! 
‘Til next time!

Love Bumble x 

6 thoughts on “My Travel Diary: Asia

  1. Loving the updates Kim! I’m so jealous reading this while I’m at work. Glad you and Ryan are having such a good time already! Keep updating us! Love Dan D Lion 😉


  2. Love the updates Kim. Keep them coming.
    Glad you and Ryan are having a great time. So so jealous….
    All our love xxxx


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