My Travel Diary: Asia

Hi Y’all! 

The last time we spoke we were on our way to another area in Cambodia.

Our journey from our previous hotel to our new one in Phnom Penh took a couple of hours. To break the journey up a little we ended up stopping 3 times along the way. 
The first – a good old toilet break (boring I know) 

The second was to stop for lunch. We stopped at what looked like a souvenir shop but when we walked out of the back of the building you were greeted with the most beautiful view of a fisherman’s lake. 

We walked over a wooden path across the lake which led us to a hut sitting above the waterline. This is where we had lunch; we sat, ate and admired the view. Then were off on our journey again.

Our third stop was to visit a local food market. (Take note to the word ‘local’) 

Now I’m not talking your simple punnet of strawberries type market here. 

I’m talking deep fried yuk! 

There was all sorts of fried food to choose from (feels wrong saying ‘choose’ like, really? Who would choose to eat deep fried creepy crawlys?!) 

You could have fried cricket, frog, scorpion and tarantula

..I hear you DIS-GUS-TING 

There was one table full of only fried things and behind it on the floor a bucket full of live scorpions! 

There was also a lady walking round with a pile of fried tarantulas in one hand and a bucket filled with live ones in the other!

A couple of people in my group held a tarantula ..a young girl must have noticed my squeamish expression as she told me ‘don’t worry – not poison – fangs removed’ 

I just smiled back but what I was really thinking sarcastically was:

Fangs removed?! What is there some onsite tarantula dentist round the corner just sat there pulling out all these fangs all day?! 

I didn’t try any deep fried food – half the group did though, including Ryan! 

The group as a whole tried scorpion, frog and tarantula.  

I stuck to my fruit – hardcore! 

When we reached our hotel we decided to go out together for dinner; after which M took us to a street food seller to try Durian fruit which is popular in his hometown in Thailand. 

He said the Durian fruit is known to make you hot and give you heart burn so we only tried a little. 

It was a unanimous verdict = gross. 

I felt so sorry for M as he had paid for all this fruit and we all hated it!

The Durian fruit had the texture of an avocado and the taste of a really sweet onion (in my opinion). The colour was a mustard yellow and the smell wasn’t very appealing either! 

In my next post I’ll update you on what we got up to yesterday – just a pre-warning – it’s a morbid one! 

‘Til next time! 

Love Bumble x 

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