My Travel Diary: Asia

Hi Y’all 
I’m a teeny bit behind on my travel updates so you can have 2 today – you’re welcome! 

My last post was a little on the depressing side so I thought I would share with you some photos from when we’ve been out exploring and what we’ve seen! 

Deep fried banana – delicious! (Basically a bigger version of a banana fritter) 

Monkeys eating fruit – including the cutest baby monkey! 

A Temple with a view over Cambodia 

A Small Fishermans village where they produce their own local whisky. There’s also a small building used as a school where a volunteer teaches young children from the village. 

Waterfall complete with lunch on hammocks

We’re currently on our way to our next stop, we are going via bus and luckily they have free wifi on board! 

Our next stop is going to be slightly more basic than what we have had previously so I’m not expecting any wifi – I will update you when I can! 

‘Til next time, 

Love Bumble x 

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