My Travel Diary: Asia 

Hi Y’all,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve been a very busy bee! 
In my last post I explained that I may not be able to update you all or keep in touch as our next stop was basic…

This was the point in our trip where we took part in a ‘home stay’. 
Where we got a chance to live, eat and sleep like the locals do. And to my surprise they did have wifi! 

We got off our bus and had to walk down a few alleyways and over a small river to get to where we were staying (this sounds way more dodgy than it was). 

We arrived and were greeted by the family who were kind enough to house us, along with an English speaking guide. After we introduced ourselves we were shown to our beds for the night. 

The room was essentially a wooden house made out of bamboo and coconut leaves. The door was locked with a padlock and key and inside a bed with mosquito net, one plug, light and a fan. You know, the basics. 

The toilets and showers were communal at the end of the rooms and if you wanted a wee in the middle of the night you had to unlock your padlock to your room and pop out into the darkness… just like camping I guess! 

We were shown a cooking demonstration by the family and they prepared us a home cooked meal. It was very different to what I’m used to (except for the rice) but was quite tasty nonetheless. 

Whilst at the home stay the guide also took us on a walk around the village. We walked passed many houses with local people inside – watching TV, preparing food and even one singing on karaoke! 

During the day we visited the floating market; where small boats came to buy and sell goods. Whilst we were sailing, another small boat pulled up next to us to try and sell coffee and cool drinks, it was bizarre to see him easily stop next to us, make a sale, then pop off to find more customers! 

We also hopped on board one of the boats selling pineapple. We watched a local lady cut up the pineapple for us all to try. One of the guys we were with also ordered some noodles to have for breakfast – the local people eat noodles and rice for breakfast which baffles me! 

We then went on to a normal market, one on the ground, where they mainly sold fish from the river and fruit. We all tried a fruit called Mangosteen – which is actually the Queen of Fruits. You could easily break open the purple peel and eat the white fruit inside so it wasn’t very messy. It tasted a little bit like a lychee – delicious! 

At our next hotel we opted to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. The tunnels were created by the Vietnamese soldiers back in the Vietnam war to use as hiding spots during combat. The tunnels lead to many rooms built underground including meeting rooms, kitchens and bathrooms! 

The tunnels were very dark (not great for photographing) and we had been told they had been made bigger for the tourists to fit through as they tend to be a lot fatter than the Vietnamese haha! 

As well as the tunnels there was also a woman demonstrating how they made rice paper, how they made sandals out of rubber tyres, the traps they created for the enemy and even the remains of a US tank destroyed by a delay mine. 

On our journey to the tunnels we stopped off at a painting shop where they sold tiles/products with different pictures on made out of paint, egg shells and sea shells. The pictures where beautiful but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the shop. 

We did however see the production line outside where they create the pictures. One person painting, one washing, one adding the shell and another polishing the end product. 

We were due to take a night train in the evening and had some hours to kill before hand so we decided to visit the War Remnants Museum. As well as lots of information about the history of the Vietnamese wars there were many photographs on display; many graphic photos showing the horrific injuries of the victims of the war. I didn’t take any photos inside which you should be thankful for! I only took some of the tanks and planes out the front. 

The night train was an experience! A small room with 4 beds and a toilet at the end of each coach – luxury at its finest! 

Vietnam isn’t exactly known for its cleanliness so this is where our sleep sheets came in handy! (See pic below of Ry advertising his – get yours today at all major outlets! Ha!). 

We had a very busy day yesterday which I will update you on soon! 

‘Til next time! 

Love Bumble x

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