My Travel Diary: Asia 

Hi Y’all! 
Yesterday was so much fun! 

We decided as a group we would all go snorkelling; our CEO arranged it all, from the bus to the boat, the boat to the lunch, and the lunch to the drink…
We had unlimited amount of beer and two buckets worth of cocktails (which we didn’t finish!).
Beer over here is ridiculously cheap… you can get a beer for 50p or less in a bar when it’s happy hour (which incidentally normally lasts for 3 hours). The cocktails however are not cheap; you’re looking at around 6 to 8 pound for one cocktail… which is why I’m trying to train myself to like beer and save the pennies!
 I’m not to sure how I feel about a potential beer belly though! 

Our lunch which was included in our snorkelling trip was also delicious! We had a feast of egg noodles, rice noodles, fried vegetables, and fish, pork, beef and chicken all cooked on the BBQ. Everyone just tucked in and helped themselves – everyone was stuffed and there was plenty left over… I was half wishing they had some plastic pots so we could take it home for dinner! Another money saving tip haha! 
The snorkelling was really fun. Anyone that knows me well knows I’m not a massive fan of water. 
A swimming pool or jacuzzi? No problem. 

The great big ocean with god-knows-what in? Not so much.

There were points when I was a little bit scared but I definitely enjoyed myself more! 

We snorkelled around in a big group – 18 of us! Perhaps that’s why I didn’t feel as scared? Like, if I’m going to drown surely one of these people would save me?
As well as snorkelling we also jumped from the top of the boat into the sea (I took quite a lot of encouragement from the others but finally took the leap). 
Ryan and the boys were doing dives, front flips, back flips – absolute dare devils… This is where I became the camera lady! 

After a while we popped into a nearby village and walked around to see the locals and what they were up to. 
We saw many people preparing food and fishing nets. We even saw a group of women playing a game of cards to win some money while their other halves were at work – if the husbands away, the wife will play, right? 
Here’s some snaps taken throughout our day! 

Today was another messy one… But not due to alcohol consumption! 

Find out on my next post! 
Love Bumble x 

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