My Travel Diary: Asia 

Hi y’all! 
So that’s it! Our 30 days of travelling Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos has come to an end! 

Ryan and I have met some amazing people and made so many memories from a seriously jam packed month! 
Now, onto our next chapter – Bali! 
We touched down in Bali a couple of days a go and have been relaxing ever since. I know – it’s a hard life! 
Our wifi has been pretty shit so I haven’t been able to post about our last couple of days in Thailand… Here goes attempt 4! 

In my last post we were on a boat making our way to Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

I was super excited for Chiang Mai as I had been going on and on and on about how much I wanted to visit an elephant sanctuary there. 

And that’s what we did! 
I have 2 favourite animals. 

1. Peacocks 

2. Elephants 
And lucky me, I saw both in 1 day! 
We saw the peacocks on a pit stop on our journey to Chiang Mai, completely unexpected! 

The elephant sanctuary was one of the best experiences of our trip (obviously I’m slightly bias as my fave animal is an elephant but Ry loved it too!)
When we got to the sanctuary we had 2 big buckets full of bananas ready for us to feed them.
All you needed to do was pick a banana (or two if you’re feeling generous) and hold it towards the elephants – then a trunk would snatch it from your hand! 
They were like hoovers! Taking banana after banana – I even saw one of the elephants snatching a banana from the other ones mouth!
Another elephant was giving people big sloppy kisses with its trunk if you stood close enough – it got my ear!
After feeding, we took a short walk with the elephants to the water hole ready to be bathed. 

We each got a bowl for us to wash the elephants with… Which was actually pretty pointless because as soon as we started washing them it started p*ssing it down! 
It was so nice to be able to wash the elephants and see them rolling around in the water; they were even spraying water out of their trunks at people which was hilarious! 

We also visited Wat Rong Khun, commonly known as The White Temple. 
The Temple looked like something you would find in a Disney film, Frozen perhaps?! 
The inside was very strange; orange with random paintings on the walls. Paintings of Pokemon, superheroes, Hello Kitty, 9-11, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Transformers and so much more. 
Our CEO went on to tell us the idea is to walk into the room with all the distractions of modern day life and leave through the other door with a clean mind, leaving all the distractions in the past. 
Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but if you google it you can find some pictures! 

Our last 2 days in Thailand were an experience. 
We had a Thai massage from ex-inmates of the woman’s prison one day then watched a Thai Boxing match one evening and a ladyboy show the other. 
We tried to get a Thai massage from current inmates on day release; these women are training now so they can go into that area of work when they get released. Unfortunately there was no space for us all to get massages together (there was 7 of us!) however they had space for us at another salon where ex-inmates now work. The massage itself was great! They clicked lots of bones and stretched out all of our muscles, we had a foot massage first and finished with a cup of herbal tea. 

At first I hated the Thai boxing; the first fight we watched seemed pretty much one sided and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the other fighter. It doesn’t help that I’m a sensitive sole and the fighters looked quite young!

Once the first fight was out the way I actually started to enjoy myself. The fights were close and the last fight was between to girl boxers who were both champions in various things – one was from Italy and she had such a harsh looking face, even I was scared of her! 
The lady boy show – where to begin?

You can’t visit Thailand without seeing a lady boy show! It was so bizarre; awful miming, outrageous costumes and even stranger routines. 
It was crazy to see the lady boys on stage – some of them you couldn’t tell at all! I kept trying to see if I could spot a you-know-what when they were prancing around the stage but couldn’t! 
There were some actual men on stage as well. They were dancing in next-to-nothing with full beards, moustaches and armpit hair! 

We start our tour around Bali tomorrow!
‘Til next time! 
Love Bumble x 

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