Travelling Asia: Pros and Cons

Hi y’all! 
So that’s it – our time in Asia has come to an end! *tear* 
We’ve visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Bali.
It’s been a blast and I thought I would do a little post about what to expect if you’re thinking of travelling Asia yourself. And if you’re not – are you sure? 


• Sunshine – need I say more? When you’re from England and it’s cold and wet the majority of the year you tend to turn into a sunshine seeker and I am no exception. TAN ME!!

• Beautiful views – almost everywhere we visited had tremendous views of rivers, fields, the towns.

• Gorgeous beaches – who doesn’t seek sand between their toes, the salty sea air smell and the sound of the waves?

• Experiencing different cultures – South East Asia was an amazing place to experience different cultures. We learnt the religious rituals of the locals, saw traditional dancing and stayed in a locals home to see how they live. (This one definitely makes you appreciate your home comforts!) 

• Animals – fish, elephants and dogs everywhere. I’m not a huge fan of dogs (apologies to any dog lovers out there) but I LOVE elephants and there are elephant sanctuaries galore in Asia! Also for the lovers of fish and the sea there’s some good opportunities for snorkelling and seeing all the vibrant fish.

• Free water – okay so this one is also a con because you have to buy water as the tap water isn’t safe to drink BUT every hotel you stay at provides you with complimentary water each day so don’t you worry Sir Chug-a-lot.

• Cheap as chips – almost everything is super cheap in SEA. Food? Definitely. Drink/beer? Sure. Clothes? Absolutely! Now I know I’m probably slightly biased being a girl but the fact that clothes were so cheap in Asia was one of my highlights (especially after my kayaking incident I mentioned in one of my previous posts). We visited many towns where trusted tailor shops were open and you could easily buy a cheap made-to-measure dress/skirt/shirt/suit and so on.. As we are travelling for a long period of time we didn’t get ourselves anything made-to-measure but a lot of people we were with who were flying home straight after Asia did!  

Cons: (because it’s not all rosey)

• Toilets – for a clean freak like me this is a big issue. In South East Asia there are 2 types of toilets – western style, the type we know and love – and squatting style, were you essentially squat over a hole. In the hotels the toilets were always western style and clean… Public ones were not. You need to make sure you take toilet paper with you EVERYWHERE as you’ll be lucky to find any in a public toilet and I wouldn’t say they were exactly clean either. ..Nowhere near as bad as Bestival portaloos though! (So gross)

• Rubbish – now I’m not really sure how rubbish works outside the UK but there seemed to be piles of rubbish scattered in most of South East Asia; on the paths, on the road – it STANK! From what we saw Cambodia has to be the worst place for rubbish; and Thailand had the least. 

• Cars and Motorbikes – how there aren’t more crashes over in SEA I will never know. They all drive like crazy people! There seems to be little road laws and some of them seem to not apply to the motorbikes. There’s hundreds of motorbikes everywhere and you have to be super careful when crossing the roads – one of the girls from our tour got knocked over by a motorbike and was dragged down the road! So be super SUPER careful! 

I definitely think the pros out way the cons and I’ve had the most amazing experience exploring so far – I wouldn’t change a thing! 

Here’s a couple pictures from our last days in Bali! 

We’re now onto our next chapter! 

‘Til next time! 
Love Bumble x

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