My Travel Diary: New Zealand

Hi Y’all! 
Ryan and I are no longer in Bali..
We are now in New Zealand! 
Okay, so, this is kind of our own fault, we are visiting New Zealand in their Winter, which we knew before leaving England… 
So I’m not quite sure what was going through my head when I only packed ONE hoody! ONE?!
Did we spend our first day in Auckland, NZ seeing the sights I hear you ask? 

No. No we did not. 

We spent our first day roaming the streets to try and find the cheapest jumpers that we could find (*whines* oh how I miss Asia clothes and their prices). We both managed to pick up 2 cheap jumpers and I later found out I can’t actually fit them both in my rucksack – isn’t that just great! 
I’m a lover of chocolate – what girl isn’t, right? So I was fascinated by all the different types of chocolate bars I was stumbling across in New Zealand, I didn’t buy any bars (I wouldn’t of been able to choose!) but I did take a couple pictures as I went along when I spotted chocolate that I hadn’t seen before!

Ryan and I hadn’t organised anything for our New Zealand travels apart from our form of transport – The Kiwi Experience. 

The Kiwi Experience offer bus passes to travel around New Zealand, they have a number of passes, from exploring only one island, to exploring half of one and half of the other, and to exploring the whole of New Zealand. 

You simply hop on and hop off at the stops and stay for however long you like in each location. Simple. 

The Kiwi Experience also have discounts on their passes at different times of the year so you can bag yourself a bargain if you keep an eye on their website! 
We started our bus pass in Auckland, we got picked up early one morning and took our bus to our first stop Paihia – pronounced Pie-here. 
On our bus journey we stopped along the way at a small waterfall before continuing our journey to Paihia. 

Our hostel was close to the beach front. 

Yes you read that right – hostel! 

Since we left England on the 1st July Ryan and I hadn’t yet had to stay in a hostel, that is, until Paihia. 

The hostel dorm we stayed in fit 8 people, 4 bunk beds, 1 shower/bathroom and there was a communal living area and kitchen for cooking and free Netflix. Woo Netflix! 
The day after we arrived in Paihia we took a day trip to Cape Reinga. 
Cape Reinga is the most North West tip of the Aupouri Peninsula at the top of the North Island of New Zealand. 

We reached Cape Reinga by driving on Ninety Mile Beach (which subsequently isn’t actually 90 miles, its 55). 

Driving on the beach was amazing; I looked out to my right and all I could see was sand, and I looked out to my left and all I saw was sea. The driver was telling us stories about how often drivers get stuck in the sand and the tide comes in and ruins the vehicles – it’s quite a regular occurrence I believe! 

We stopped along the way to do some sand boarding on the sand dunes. Ryan was going to take his GoPro head mount but the driver advised no cameras on head mounts were allowed as a guy once fell off his sand board and his GoPro embedded in his eye! Ouch! 

We had never been sand boarding before so weren’t quite sure what to expect. We climbed as high as we liked on the sand dunes and then boarded down on our tummies – sand went everywhere! All in my clothes, in my hair, then later when I had a shower I found loads of sand in my bra! How the hell did it get there?! 

We reached Cape Reinga and could instantly see the difference in the colours of the sea; Cape Reinga is where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, one being a deep blue and the other a more turquoise colour. The view was beautiful; with the sea stretching on for miles.
There’s also a lighthouse and North Pole at Cape Reinga; pointing to Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Tokyo and so on. There’s a South Pole situated on the South Island of New Zealand that me and Ryan would like to visit so we’ve seen the pair. 

On our way back from Cape Reinga we stopped at a shop which sells products made from Kauri wood, including a hand carved staircase made from an ancient Kauri log that wasn’t fully exposed for 45,000 years!

And It’s yours for a couple’ million? 

I’ll take two! 
We then took a short stroll on the Manginangina Forest Walk. This walkway was built ready for the Queen of England to see when she visited New Zealand for the closing of the commonwealth games one year and it’s said that she only took 4 steps on it! 

Paihia is the home to the Bay of Islands. Ryan and I opted to take a boat trip to the Hole in the Rock. 
The boat trip was great! We saw 2 pods of dolphins on our journey through the Bay, from afar and up close! When the dolphins were close enough we could see scratches on their bodies; we were told these scratches are actually caused by the other dolphins teeth when they’re playing around with each other.
As we continued we also noticed a seal climbing a nearby rock. The boat pulled up along side the rock for us to take a closer look; it was all lonely by itself, until we sailed away and saw a couple more seals chilling on the other side of the rock. Phew – not so lonely after all! 

We stopped at another part of the Bay to hike a hill to see the view from the top. There were sheep all along the hill including little lambs which were so cute!

When we finally reached the Hole in the Rock we were able to drive the boat through the hole; the sailor explained that the sea had been too ‘choppy’ recently for any of the boats to go through so we were quite lucky! 

On our boat journey back to Paihia we decided to hop off at Russell, another area of New Zealand, for an hour of exploring. 

Russell is a small, quiet village so an hour was more than enough. We looked around the village and stopped for a pie and hot chocolate which was delicious and much needed in the winter cold!

Our Bay of Islands and Cape Reinga exploring has come to an end and where now off to our next destination..
‘Til next time! 
Love Bumble x

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