My Travel Diary: New Zealand

Hi Y’all! 

Apologies for not blogging in a while – if you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know the wifi is to blame! 
The last time we spoke Ryan and I had finished our time in Franz Josef and were making our way to our next stop: Wanaka. 
On our journey we stopped off at Lake Matheson which is commonly known as reflection lake. In order for the lake to reflect it needs to be completely still and not be disrupted by wind or rain; we had a little bit of rain and a teeny bit of wind but luckily we were still able to see some reflection in the water. 

We continued on our journey and were hit with snow on one of the long windy roads. We managed to get through the snow with ease and shortly after arriving in Wanaka we went in search for the most photographed tree AKA ‘That Wanaka Tree’. 

We didn’t need to look very hard, the tree was on the edge of Lake Wanaka and there were a few tourists already observing and taking snaps! 

In the evening Ryan and I visited Cinema Paradiso which was conveniently located across the road from our hostel. 

Cinema Paradiso is known for its quirky decor, consisting of sofas and cars inside the cinema room for you to park your bottom on. 

It’s also known for its delicious warm, freshly baked cookies that you can purchase half way through the film! The film stops and everyone piles to the front desk to stock up on their drink and munchies! 

In Wanaka we also visited Puzzling World. It was fun and interesting but slightly smaller than I’d hoped! There was also a maze outside were you had to get to each coloured tower in the corners of the maze! 

I was TERRIBLE at it – Ryan even had to come back after he’d finished to help me! 

We left Wanaka and made our way to Queenstown – the adventure capital!

Queenstown is known for being THE go-to place for adrenaline junkies. There’s masses of bungy jumps, zip lines, swings, skydives and so on. 
I am absolutely terrified of heights so none of the above appeal to me in the slightest. All apart from a skydive, but as skydives are so expensive Ryan and I have decided we’d rather do one later on when we have more money to play with. 
Ryan however talked himself into doing a canyon swing (and I watched for moral support). 

We were picked up along with other crazy people wanting to throw themselves off a cliff and made our way to the swing. 

This swing is 109 metres high, with a free fall of 60 metres and a total swing distance of 200 metres. 

Ryan was the second to last person to swing so we stayed on the platform and watched each person one by one fall of the edge first. (At this point I was feeling nauseous, baring in mind I wasn’t even jumping haha!) 

You could choose the way you wanted to fall off the edge, you could take a running jump, go backwards, go sitting on a chair, do the cutaway, go off a slide …the possibilities were endless! 

Ryan chose to do the cutaway; you dangle off the edge of the cliff and then at some point the people who work there would pull a string and release you. Who know how long you’ll be dangling there for?! 

I saw Ryan get dangled off the edge and while one man was talking to (distracting) him the other pulled the string! Lets just say Ryan was the most vocal of all the men there!

In Queenstown we also spent an afternoon going on the Gondola and Luge. 

This was the first time I had done either. The gondola was petrifying as it was so steep but it was worth it for the beautiful views at the top over looking Queenstown and the surrounding snow covered mountains.

The luge was so much fun! It’s kind of like go-karting but far less noisy! 

Another afternoon was spent playing frisbee golf in the Queenstown gardens. 

I’m not sure what my calling in life is but it definitely isn’t frisbee golf. Ryan was pretty good at it; or maybe he was just WAY better than his rubbish opponents! 

I enjoyed frisbee golf, it was simple, fun and free! 

Next we stopped off at Cookie Time for a warm cookie after being out in the chill. 

It’s kind of impossible to be healthy while traveling; everywhere you stop ‘you must try this’ and ‘this is the best *insert said food* you’ll ever have!’  

In all fairness, the things we have tried have been pretty darn good so it’s not all lies. 

And Queenstown is no exception. Home of Patagonia, Fat Badgers and Fergburger which, talking from experience now, I would definitely say are must tries. 

Patagonia having the tastiest ice cream and hot chocolate.. 

Fat badgers the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen (well except for Snappy’s ‘Beast’ pizza which was a bloody godsend for my family being one of 6 children)..

And Fergburger having the best burgers I have ever tasted in my life ..and that’s coming from someone who isn’t even a massive burger fan! 

Ryan, however, is a huge burger fan and even he said it was the best burger he’d tasted!

We left Queenstown and started our day trip to Milford Sound. 

Milford Sound is a fiord in the South West of the South Island.

Unfortunately we had rain on the day of our trip so the weather wasn’t exactly perfect. The rain water did, however, cause hundreds of waterfalls pouring down the mountain edges, both on our journey and on our Milford Sound boat trip. 

At the end of our Milford Sound trip we hopped on a bus to start our Deep South journey, visiting Invercargill and Dunedin to then loop back to Queenstown. 

In our Deep South trip we visited Bluff, the most Southern point on the South Island. 

We saw the South Pole which matches the one we saw at the most Northern point on the North Island when we had just started our trip of New Zealand. 

We also went on a wildlife search. 

We visited Waipapa Point which is known to be the home of sea lions, we had lunch with a couple of seagulls (which were way more polite than those in England – no snatching) and we tried to find some yellow eyed penguins from a lookout spot.  

We were very lucky and saw a sea lion and yellow eyed penguin; unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of the penguin as we were too far away and were using binoculars!  We also came across an empty stingray egg on our search!

We did a couple walks whilst down south; including the McLean falls walk and the walk up the worlds steepest street!

The steepest street, Baldwin Street, seemed to go on forever and at the top there’s even a water fountain to clench your thirst from the walk up! 
We are now on our journey back to Queenstown where we’ll stay for a few days before moving on. 
Find out what we get up to in my next post! 
‘Til next time! 
Love Bumble x


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