My Travel Diary: Australia 

Hi Guys! 
Since being back in Sydney Ryan and I have applied to what feels like a million jobs online. We’ve taken our CV’s round to places in our area, signed up to 3 recruitment agencies and moved into a room to rent. Busy busy busy!
From someone who has been in and out of hostels for months on end I can tell you having our own little space is bliss! No more living with randomers who have spread the whole contents of their backpack on the floor, no more having to take all of your belongings to a shared bathroom down the end of the hall to realise you’ve forgotten an essential (a towel? Shampoo? Your bloody room key?) .. in fact no more sharing a bathroom at all! Oh did I not mention we now have our own ensuite? 
To those reading who are not travelling you’re probably thinking I’m abit crazy for getting so excited about a room and ensuite but those of you who are travelling or have travelled and have witnessed hostel life, you know the drill – this is bloody great! 
And it’s actually cheaper to rent a room than it is to stay in hostels so yaknow, win win.
Not that I’m expecting you to give a sh*t about what our new abode looks like – here’s a pic! To be able to actually unpack our stuff too – can’t even tell you how great that was!

Also guys..
I have some good news! 
Can I get a ‘hallelujah’?!
So I actually had two options – I know, it’s like waiting for a bus, spend ages waiting then 2 turn up at once! 

(I’m not being funny but that saying is a load of bull, like when have 2 buses ever turned up?! Like, please.) 
Okay so my first option was Sephora. I popped into Sephora handed them my CV (obviously had to actually do my make up for once and with what was left of my travel make up collection – hard task I can tell you) and they called me back the same day to arrange an interview. 

The interview went really well and they called me to come in for a trial – I was so excited but also sh*tting myself. Like, I’ve never NEVER worked in retail and my makeup skills are pretty much non existent so yaknow not looking great. 
A couple of days before I was due to do my trial I was called about an office role. It was starting straight away, full time, set hours and I would have the weekends free. 
I was torn. Sephora had offered me a trial, the queen bee of makeup stores had held out an arm for me (ME?!) to potentially join their family and learn makeup techniques. Then there’s the office role, guaranteed hours, insurance based (hello, what I did at home),more money and weekends to spend in the Australian sunshine. 
I had to go back to the reason we were looking for work in the first place; to stop and save as much money as we can to fund further travels.. And with that in mind I turned down Sephora (if my makeup artist cousin is reading this she’ll be disgusted with my decision – Shannon please forgive me?) 

P.S to rub salt into the wound I also got called from MAC Cosmetics yesterday to arrange an interview that I had to decline. It was a sad day. 
The office role is within walking distance from our new home, and as they are expanding they had more than one position so Ryan is also working there! 
We started today and will be paid weekly which I am so ready for – SHOW ME THE MONEY! 
Ryan and I have also had some good news from back home…
Ryan’s best friend Paul and wife Alisha have just welcomed into the world the most adorable baby boy! Who is our godson – all I want to do is have a cuddle but we will have to wait until our travelling adventure is over! 
There have been so many things happening since we’ve been away; my sister moving into her first house, my cousin opening up her shop, my brother starting college, my friend getting engaged, now this little bubba being born! It’s sad to think we’re missing out on all these things but it makes it all that more exciting when we do finally return home! 
‘Til next time!
Love Bumble x 

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