My Travel Diary: Australia 

Hi Guys!  
Firstly, apologies for the very long delay in writing this post! 
Ryan and I are still settled in Glebe; our office jobs have been extended until the end of February and in all honesty we’ve not done much exploring as we’re trying our best to save our pennies ready to travel Australia in a couple of months! (Hence the lack of posts recently) 
For all you food lovers out there we did visit a restaurant one weekend called ‘Bare Grill’ where they stamp their burger buns and have raclette cheese topping on the menu! Now I’m not a massive cheese fan (apologies) so I didn’t get cheese on my burger, Ryan however did order the raclette cheese and I couldn’t help feeling it looked like every cheese lovers dream! 

Since my last post we’ve had our Aussie Christmas and New Years. 
Christmas is by far my favourite time of year; I love the cozy nights in and spending time with family and friends, so I knew being away this year I was going to miss home like crazy. We decided we were going to have the most un-Christmassy Christmas ever to help me not miss being at home as much. 

Our Christmas didn’t exactly go to plan either. We had been hoping to spend the day at the beach – I mean, what else is there to do in the Australian summer? But, unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, it was hot but it was cloudy and overcast the whole day! So we didn’t end up going to the beach – we spent the day together, I cooked a curry for Christmas lunch (I know, weird, but I was not up for cooking a full on roast in the heat, soz Ryan) and we met up with another English couple in the evening for drinks and secret Santa! 

(My secret Santa got me a voucher to go and get my nails done at a salon BEST. GIFT. EVER!)
Ryan and I were very lucky and were given some pennies from loved ones back home for Christmas – all of which we have transferred into our savings apart from strict instructions from my mum, stepdad and Ry’s dad to treat ourselves to a meal out. Ryan and I went to Grill’d for one meal (and now we’re slightly obsessed with their delicious tasting burgers!) and went out to an Indian restaurant for the other. We must of been extremely keen to dig in to our Indian as we didn’t take a before photo of our feast! 

As we may only be in Australia for one year we definitely wanted to bring in the New Year by watching the Sydney fireworks. 

We queued up for what felt like forever and just made it into a section before it was closed off due to being ‘full’. (At midday I might add!)

The day was beautifully hot and the atmosphere when the countdown began was amazing! 

And it didn’t take us any longer than usual to get home which is a bonus!(Ryan and I went to London to watch the New Year fireworks one year and it took us 3 HOURS to get home! It was ridiculous!)

One of our house mates is originally from Nigeria and as she was travelling back there to visit family over the Christmas period she had given us some cinema tickets to use whilst she was away. 

We opted to watch the new Jimanji film! We do love the original but thought the remake was very funny and worth a watch! 
Another weekend was spent at the Royal Randwick Races. We went with another couple that we work with called Joe and Hayley. 

It was a great day, the sun was shining, the tickets were cheap and Ryan came back with the same amount of money he took as he won half of his bets and his horses came second or third in all the others… lucky git! We did however get very burnt from being out in the sun! Ouch! 

As I mentioned earlier, as we’re trying to save pennies our free time is spent soaking up the sun, taking in the graffiti and wandering the Glebe markets. We even stumbled across Pendrill Street which isn’t far from where we live! 

When it came to the end of the year I checked my nine most liked pictures on Instagram for 2017. All nine were from the second half of 2017 and all from my travels. 

Looking back at all the amazing things I’ve done since I left home I feel so grateful and incredibly excited for all the moments and memories that 2018 is going to bring! 
But first – back on that office grind! 
‘Til next time!
Love Bumble x

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