My Travel Plans

Myself and better half Ryan have been working in Sydney for what feels like FOREVER! We’ve been turning down invite after invite to social events in order to save as much dollar as we can ready to start exploring again in a couple of months and in all honestly I’m feeling so ‘done’ with work and just want to explore now, but hey, these trips won’t pay for themselves!

To give you guys a sneak peak into our travel plans (and to help keep myself sane through the future weeks at work) I thought I’d write this little post!

Those of you who have read my other posts will have noticed that Ryan and I haven’t really explored much of Australia – we took a short trip to Coffs Harbour and have seen the main attractions in Sydney but not really seen much else.

We came to Australia after travelling South East Asia and New Zealand so had no option but to start work to save some more pennies.

At the end of our current work assignment we hope to leave Sunny Sydney and travel our way up the East Coast to Cairns (have you even been travelling to Aus if you haven’t travelled the East Coast? Just saying, it’s like a ritual). We hope to do all the normal must dos; dive the Great Barrier Reef, sail the Whitsundays, visit Fraser Island etc etc. Of course I’ll keep my travel diary posts up to date once we’re on the move so you can come along and join us for the ride!

As if that isn’t exciting enough, we then hope to go down the centre of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide, through the Northern Territory and through the outback. Which in all honesty scares me a little; especially when you’re telling your Aussie friends at work and they look at you like you’re mad for even thinking about it ‘good luck, you’ll be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dirt and in the heat!’

Now, contrary to popular belief, Ryan and I are not stupid (I can hear my family at home disagreeing with this statement) and actually I’m a bit of a control freak, not massively, but I do like to plan so if we do decide we are going to travel down the centre we 100% wouldn’t be alone, everything would be planned, from our travel to our hostels so (hopefully) nothing would go wrong.

*The saying ‘the blind leading the blind’ comes to mind*

There’s also discussions of going to Fiji whilst we’re over this side of the world; and maybe popping back to Bali before flying home which I’m so up for ..but let’s talk about that some other time!

I feel like I’ve been the worst blogger in the world recently – but in all honesty we’ve not being doing much exploring so there’s not much to update you on. We spend our free time soaking up the sun and wandering the city – and I should also add that I seem to be spending my spare time getting obsessed over X Y Z ..I feel like because we’ve stopped and are working/saving that I’m going slightly crazy with thoughts flying round my head 24/7 ..but again I think that’s more for another post!

Til next time!

Love Bumble x

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