Spring Trend Alert: 5 Wearable Basket Bags

So here it is; the first instalment of my much needed fashion fix!

I’d like to say that since leaving the U.K. and travelling the world, I’ve come to realise that clothes, shoes bags and makeup are just ‘things’ and they’re not really important ..but actually all it’s done is highlight the fact that I am materialistic AF and I’m not even sorry!

I’m obsessed with all things fashion and don’t feel like that’s a bad thing – ‘you do you’ and all that!

At the moment I’m travelling, so can’t justify spending money on clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, jewellery etc etc (much to my disappointment) but I still feel like I need my fashion fix – I need to scroll for hours on end through online shops and chuck every second item into my basket ‘just because’ – and although I’m not able to actually purchase any of these items, I feel like they shouldn’t just sit there in my basket, I feel like I should share the love and show you what I’ve found.

The basket bag is a massive trend this Spring. So, I’m actually in Australia, it’s Autumn here (and 30 degrees!) but I’m an English Rose and I can’t help but keep up with UK seasons/trends. And the basket bag is no exception.

There are lots of different styles of basket bags on offer, ranging from the larger picnic basket style which I imagine would look silly and slightly OTT on myself, to the more wearable classic bag shapes which I would more than happily buy if I was back at home.

So without further ado here’s my list of wearable basket bags that I’m obsessing over at the moment.

1. ASOS: Straw Circle Bag

Whoever designed this bag was showing off. They’ve thrown two trends in one; the basket bag and the circle bag. Both massive trends, and I’m loving it, and at £25 it’s definitely one I would suggest to get if you want to dip your toes in the Spring Trend without breaking the bank.

Shop it here.

2. Zara: Black Box Bag

I love everything about this bag, from the gold hardware to the top handle – something about it screams Blair from Gossip Girl to me – although I bet she wouldn’t be seen dead wearing something from high street favourite: Zara, for £29.99.

Don’t be like Blair. Get the damn bag.

Shop it here.

3. Zara: Bow Detail Raffia Bag

Super chic, stylish and still cheap at £29.99. Love the pop of colour on the bow detail and cross body strap; it just adds that extra oomf to an otherwise simple raffia bag.

Shop it here.

4. Mango: Bamboo Basket Bag

This little beauty is available to buy at Mango for £49.99. The shape and opening is quirky and different – it would definitely a talking point of an outfit!

Shop it here.

5. Dune: White Woven Handbag

I think I’ve saved the best until last! This bag is everything that I would want in a basket bag; it’s white straw with a contrast flap, gold hardware, a top handle and a cross body strap – I mean what else could you need?! This bag has a higher price point than the others at £70 (of course I would prefer the most expensive one). But just look at how beautiful it is!

Shop it here.

What do you think of the bags I’m loving? Are there anymore that I should be lusting over this Spring?

Let me know!

Love Bumble x

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