My Travel Diary: Surfers Paradise & Brisbane

I’m writing this post on board one of our many Greyhound bus journeys – this one is only 3 hours long which we’re quite thankful for as some people STINK! Like I know some people are travelling to ‘find them selves’ or ‘be free’ but Jesus H Christ that doesn’t mean your general hygiene needs to go out the window does it?!

Ok, rant over.

So, in my last post Ryan and I had finished our time in Sydney and Byron Bay.

We made our way from Byron to Surfers paradise, and unfortunately didn’t have the best weather! It wasn’t bad (like UK cold and rain ‘bad’) but it was mainly overcast the whole time; but hey, I guess that’s what you should expect when travelling in Winter!

We still opted to take a stroll along the beach, but as beach days were out of the question, due to the weather, we decided to do some indoors-y things instead!

We went to check out The Crazy Cat cafe, located on Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

The Crazy Cat Cafe is home to 11 cats. The Cafe and Lounge is separated so you can either grab a drink in the cafe and watch the cats through glass walls that separate it from the lounge, or go into the lounge amongst all the cats for a fee.

Ryan and I just took a peak at the cats through the glass wall – I’m not sure how many people would actually spend their money to sit in a room to eat with 11 cats – but, having said that, it was still something I wanted to check out!

We also took a stroll around Ripleys Believe It or Not attraction.

It was full of weird and wonderful objects including a wedding dress made out of toilet paper, shrunken heads, Elvis painted on the end of a needle, Micheal Jackson painted on crickets, a video and replica of the worlds tallest man and so many more wacky things!

There was one section where The Legendary African Fertility Statues were situated; it’s said that they were used by an African tribe to give a couple fertility, they say if you touch them you will soon fall pregnant..

..we stayed far, far away from those statues!!

After a busy day sight seeing we popped into Pancakes in Paradise for a bacon and maple syrup pancake stack – so bad, but ohh so good!

Another day was spent up the Q1 Sky Point tower. The Sky Point is a viewing platform that over looks Surfers Paradise – it gives a beautiful birds eye view of the coast and buildings below and is 322 meters high – higher than the Eiffel Tower!

Ryan and I walked to Pacific Fair shopping centre, which I would highly recommend if you have money to play around with and love to shop! There were so many different shops; everything from supermarkets, standard high street stores, all the way to luxury designer brands like Rolex, Louis Vuitton, and so on.

Everything you could need all in one spot! It was great!

Although, of course, Ryan and I were merely window shopping!

We waved good bye to Surfers Paradise and hopped on the greyhound bus to Brisbane.

Brisbane was so much bigger than I anticipated – it was like Sydney with all the shops however they just seemed to be a lot closer together.

Our first day in Brisbane was spent walking around the botanic gardens; the sun was shining and it was a perfect day for a stroll. We even stumbled across a bundle of trees which were covered in carvings of people’s names. We were tempted to carve ours too but there wasn’t much space!

We then caught the free City Hopper ferry from North Quay to Sydney street and took the Riverwalk to the Modern Art Gallery.

Or at least that’s where we thought we were going, turned out there’s two Art Galleries in Brisbane and the one we were heading to had actually closed down! Whoops!

As the hostel kitchen was a bit grim we ate out for dinner (any excuse aye?) We had burgers at Mrs Kays and popped into SAN Churro for pudding – YUM!

As we accidentally walked to the wrong (and non-existent) art gallery the day before, we opted to actually find the correct one, the Queensland Art and Modern Art Gallery.

We took a stroll around the gallery with our friends, Hayley and Joe, who have been living and working in Brisbane.

I’d like to say the galleries were great but in all honesty Ryan and I were far to interested in catching up with Hayley and Joe to take much in – I imagine we were probably far to talkative for the other visitors to the gallery too – oh well!

After the art gallery visit we continued our chats over a meal out at an Indian restaurant – (whoops more naughty/yummy food!)

Our other time in Brisbane was spent wandering and taking in the city – and of course we had to get a picture near the Brisbane sign!

‘Til next time!

Love Bumble x

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