My Travel Diary: Fraser Island

Good Morning Guys!

This is my diary post about Fraser Island and my god did we have the best time ever! We LOVED it!

We got picked up at the Hervey Bay transit centre by a mini bus which took us to the tour office ready to check in for our trip.

On the journey to the tour office the driver was on the look out for kangaroos as myself and Ryan hadn’t seen one yet!

I lost count of how many we saw by the end of the drive and the driver even stopped so we could get a closer look.

The driver also gave us a fact that there are twice as many kangaroos in Australia than residents. Approximately 25 million residents and 50 million kangaroos! Madness!

We checked in at the tour office and jumped on a ferry to Fraser Island.

We did a 3 day/3 night tour on Fraser Island with Cool Dingo tours and it was great!

We were in a massive 4WD with a group of fellow travellers, we stayed in a lodge instead of camping and were fed like Kings! We had one driver for the whole tour who was manoeuvring the bus down sandy tracks, feeding us buckets of information/history of the island, all whilst ensuring we were fed yummy food too!

Our first day in Fraser Island was spent visiting Lake McKenzie, Basin Lake and walking to the old Central Station.

Lake McKenzie was amazing; white sand and crystal clear blue water – the sun wash shining – a perfect day for sunbathing and taking a dip in the lake!

The lake is referred to as the ‘jewel’ of Fraser Island because of its pure white silica sand and pure water – the water is actually so pure that it is unsuitable for many species!

We visited Basin Lake after and as expected after visiting the awe-inspiring beauty of Lake McKenzie we were not as impressed. Don’t get me wrong – it still was beautiful! Just not on the same scale as McKenzie.

Day two was even better!

We started off our day by driving along 75 mile beach.

We made our way down the beach and stopped along the way for an optional scenic flight over Fraser Island. As flights go it was cheap for 80 AUD and we couldn’t pass up a unique experience like it!

The plane took off from the beach and is one of only 2 places in the world where they use the beach as their runway! (The other being Scotland – bizarre!)

On our flight we flew over the beach and had a birds eye view of whales and a stingray below, we flew over the top of Butterfly Lake which butterfly shape can only be seen from above, and even flew over the shipwreck that has been left on the beach. The flight was amazing – I would definitely do it again!

Our driver, Jeff, said we were welcome to sit in the front of the 4WD with him at any point during the tour to get a front row view of beautiful Fraser Island.

I opted to sit in the front whilst we continued our way down 75 mile beach; I asked Jeff how many times he’d got stuck in the sand when driving on the beach and he said only twice..

We stopped at The Pinnacles to view the coloured sand cliffs then arrived at the Champagne Pools; a natural jacuzzi where bubbles form from the waves crashing against the rocks ..We spent some time watching people freeze their arses off in the cold water (rather them than me) and made our way back to the 4WD to leave for lunch.


..I think I jinxed him! *whoops*

The wheels were spinning but the bus was not moving at all – another bus came to the rescue to pull us out of the sand but in doing that got stuck themselves!! There were engines revving and men all bundled at the front of the bus to help push it out of the sand but no luck ..then a teeny 4WD jeep came and saved the day.

We ate our lunch all while this was going on – nice bit of entertainment for us – however it could’ve ended very badly as the tide was coming in so if we didn’t get unstuck then it would be bye bye bus!

We then continued on with our day; we took a walk up to the top of Indian Head (a coastal headland), stopped to take a close look at the Shipwreck Maheno and took a paddle down Eli Creek.

On our third day we went to Lake Birrabeen which was so peaceful! It looked beautiful and Ryan decided to paddle board while he had the chance!

We then went to Lake Wabby which also has a sand blow! Again, it was lovely and peaceful, just our group! We had some tins and sunbathed next to a gorgeous lake view.

And just like that our tour was over – we watched the sun set back at the Jetty at the resort and got a ferry from Fraser back to Hervey Bay.

We waved goodbye to Fraser Island and hopped on a bus to Airlie Beach!

‘Til next time!

Love Bumble x

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