My Travel Diary: Airlie Beach & The Whitsundays

Good Morning!

We got to Airlie Beach and the first thing we did was check in for our Whitsundays Sailing tour the next day. All was well, we checked in, double checked times and got our boarding passes – we were ready to rumble!

Then, about 2 hours later, I got a text message to say: ‘please contact us as soon as possible as your tour tomorrow has been cancelled’ ..err ..I’m sorry, what?!! *crying face*

We popped back into the tour office and one of the ladies on reception said she could offer us a 2 day/1 night sailing tour and pay for one nights accommodation back at Airlie Beach – bearing in mind our original tour was 2 days/2 nights and it’s not our fault it was cancelled – it was a shit deal.

After seeing our unimpressed faces and after Ryan asked what our other options were another lady piped up and said they could upgrade us to a 3 day/3 night tour on a nicer boat free of charge – YAAAASSS – now you’re talking!

We got picked up in the evening and climbed aboard the Solway Lass ready to start our Whitsundays adventure.

We were given a light supper on board and set sail for our destination.

We were ALMOST given a private double room; we were offered it, then the offer was withdrawn as they had made an error and the room was already booked! Not that we minded – they moved us into a 4 bed room by ourselves and offered us a bottle of champagne to say sorry for the mix up! Private room and free booze? Result!

Our sleep on the boat was amazing! We honestly think it was the best nights sleep we’ve had since our travels began. I have a theory that it is to do with the fact the boat rocks back and fourth – like rocking a baby to sleep!

On our first full day we sailed to the mesmerising Whitehaven Beach to soak up the sun, walk to the look out and take a dip in the water which was pure bliss – we had to wear stinger suits in the water just incase there were any jelly fish though!

It was one of the other travellers birthdays so, after a busy day in the sun, we had cake and champagne back on the boat and finished the evening by listening to music being played by the crew on a ukulele and guitar – it was so soothing – Anake, the cook, her voice was amazing!

On our second day we set the sails ready to travel towards Hook Island – the crew roped a couple of the passengers into helping set the sails and Ryan volunteered!

We stopped at Butterfly Bay to snorkel, catch some rays on the roof deck and have lunch – we definitely did not go hungry on this trip and the food was delicious!

With our bellies full we set off again and sailed to Blue Pearl Bay which is nicknamed ‘the fishbowl’ due to the many, many fish that swim there. We stopped at The Fishbowl to snorkel (obviously), paddle-board and use the Tarzan swing attached to the boat.

I stayed on the boat while Ryan went on the paddle-board; I watched him get on the paddle board, drift out of my eye view then heard a massive splash where he had fallen off! I was quietly giggling at the confused look on Crusty’s face as he couldn’t work out where the splash had come from!

(Crusty was the name of our captain and he basically looked just like a pirate; he was just missing the parrot on the shoulder and a wooden leg! Ooo-arrrr!).

I was too scared to use the Tarzan swing. I’m not good with heights, or water, and my weasel arms definitely would not be able to hold my body weight – I’d basically just plop into the water like a sack of sh*t.

Lots of the group did use the swing though! Some people were doing flips into the water. One guy kept doing flips off the swing but kept being whipped in the gonads by the rope every time! Poor bloke! The cook, Anake swung off the boat and tried to land on a paddle board without falling off – she so nearly had it as well! And our friend Emmalie put on her big girl knickers and went on the swing – I applaud you, much braver than me – she was spinning around like a ballerina too, it looked so elegant!

We then sailed to Stonehaven Bay to stay for the night. We let down the anchor, had our dinner and watched the sunset over the water. Bliss!

Ohh and we also watched the England game! On the boat, in the middle of the Whitsundays! We streamed the whole game on a laptop kindly lent to us by crew member Joel – they’re out of the World Cup now but my god did the boys do well!

The next day was sadly our last day on the sailing tour. We sailed to Black Island to have our last spot of snorkelling and to wander the small island.

We saw 2 turtles in the bay and Ryan was snorkelling along side one – how amazing is that!

The island was small but it had white sand, lots of beautiful sea shells and was quiet. It was perfect for a relaxing stroll along the beach!

We arrived back in Airlie Beach and sat in the sun at Airlie Beach Lagoon waiting to catch our overnight bus to Townsville. Luckily we had company with Emmelie and Sarah who too were catching the overnight bus; they shared the dread of getting on a hot and sticky bus for god knows how many hours!

But hey, this backpacking malarkey isn’t exactly meant to be glamorous!

Oh and I also bumped into a YouTuber that I follow from England in Airlie Beach too! What are the chances!

‘Til next time!

Love Bumble x

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