I’m going crazy!

I mentioned in my last post that I felt like I was going slightly crazy with thoughts flying round my head 24/7..

Ryan and I are currently in Sydney, working and saving ready to travel in a couple of months. We’ve really not been doing much apart from working (and the occasional sun bathe to TRY and get a tan ..and I’m still paler than when I left England. BLOODY GREAT.) and as such I feel like with little-to-no distractions or brain stimulation that I have a million and one thoughts flying round my head and it’s starting to stress me out.

Okay so that sounds very dramatic, let me explain..

I’ve always had an obsessive personality; if I want to do something I want to do it now. I get super excited, determined and obsessed looking into the nitty gritty of what I want to do and how to do it. Then the thoughts constantly fly around my mind until I realise that actually, I can’t do it now because of X Y and Z.

X being money.

Y being resources/time.

And Z being that it’s not a current priority.

..and it’s like I’m a balloon, the realisation that I can’t do what I want is the pin popping my plan and I just deflate.

Knowing that I can’t do what I want to do RIGHT NOW makes me sad, all the excitement from my original thoughts and planning gone and I’m left feeling like that deflated balloon.

And I seem to alternate between the same thoughts/obsessions.

The main ones being my blog and my nose.

Where do I even begin with my obsession over blogging?

Well, I have my favourite bloggers that I keep up with, ‘stalk’ if you will. And I once had their blogs open in a tab on the computer and also my own.


My blog honestly looks ANCIENT compared to theirs!

I only really view my blog on my phone so to see it side by side on a computer next to a couple of my fave bloggers was awful!

I already knew I wanted to revamp my blog, give it a major update, I just never got round to spending the money on a swanky new blog theme and new name, what with saving to go travelling and now actually travelling. And that’s just my take on the look of it..

Then there’s the below all floating round my head too;

• the type of content I want to be producing. Basically: Fashion. Or FasHUN if I’m feeling sassy.

• the camera(s) I want to buy

• and an ever growing list of clothes I want to buy, style and blog about (I’m having major withdrawals from fashion and beauty at the mo, so get ready for some random fashion posts on here so I can get my fashion fix. Apologies in advance)

Then there’s my nose.

Now those of you that know me personally know my nose is a massive thing for me – excuse the pun! (I’ll take the piss before anyone else does thank you! Ha)

I’ve hated my nose for as long as I can remember and always wanted a nose job since the very first ‘Pinocchio’ comment.

It’s no secret that in Australia you tend to earn more than what you would in England; and in my mind that means I could get my head down, work for 6 months, save and have enough money for a top notch surgeon to sort out the monstrosity that is my nose and even have some dollar left over. Something that would take me twice as long to do back home.

Over a year ago I did have the money to get my lusted after nose job ..I went and had a consultation, discussed the costs/risks/process and was serious about finally having the surgery..

But then Ryan happened..

That makes it sound like he came into my life and stopped me doing what I wanted which is not what I’m getting at here – ha!

What I am getting at is that he talked me into spending that money on something more worth while; experiences. Travelling and exploring this beautiful world that we live in.

I’d love to say I’ve learnt to love my nose, it’s part of who I am and I’m going to love the skin I’m in – but the truth is I WILL be getting my nose done at some point in the future, I’ve simply delayed it so I can have the most amazing experience travelling the world with the one I love. Which was definitely the right choice.

My sister once said ‘would you rather be at your desk at work with a new nose – or – travelling the world with the one you love?’ And I honestly can’t tell you how silly I felt for even debating whether to choose to travel or the surgery. Like I said it’s not ‘travel or a nose job’, simply ‘travel then a nose job’.

And it’s the same with my urge to do everything RIGHT NOW with my blog. I will do what I want with it, but not right now; it’s not the priority here. But saving my pennies to add even more memories wandering the world with Ryan is..

I need to remember this when I get these ideas in my head – take a step back, look at the bigger picture and just enjoy NOW and what’s coming next.

The rest will come in time.

This post has been slightly longer than I anticipated and I’m not really sure what I’m trying to achieve with it.

Maybe I just needed to vent my thoughts as they’re bulging out of my head and driving me insane – or maybe this is my way of giving myself a pep talk to stop worrying about things that aren’t really that important at the moment..

Just enjoy now.

Love Bumble x

My Travel Plans

Myself and better half Ryan have been working in Sydney for what feels like FOREVER! We’ve been turning down invite after invite to social events in order to save as much dollar as we can ready to start exploring again in a couple of months and in all honestly I’m feeling so ‘done’ with work and just want to explore now, but hey, these trips won’t pay for themselves!

To give you guys a sneak peak into our travel plans (and to help keep myself sane through the future weeks at work) I thought I’d write this little post!

Those of you who have read my other posts will have noticed that Ryan and I haven’t really explored much of Australia – we took a short trip to Coffs Harbour and have seen the main attractions in Sydney but not really seen much else.

We came to Australia after travelling South East Asia and New Zealand so had no option but to start work to save some more pennies.

At the end of our current work assignment we hope to leave Sunny Sydney and travel our way up the East Coast to Cairns (have you even been travelling to Aus if you haven’t travelled the East Coast? Just saying, it’s like a ritual). We hope to do all the normal must dos; dive the Great Barrier Reef, sail the Whitsundays, visit Fraser Island etc etc. Of course I’ll keep my travel diary posts up to date once we’re on the move so you can come along and join us for the ride!

As if that isn’t exciting enough, we then hope to go down the centre of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide, through the Northern Territory and through the outback. Which in all honesty scares me a little; especially when you’re telling your Aussie friends at work and they look at you like you’re mad for even thinking about it ‘good luck, you’ll be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dirt and in the heat!’

Now, contrary to popular belief, Ryan and I are not stupid (I can hear my family at home disagreeing with this statement) and actually I’m a bit of a control freak, not massively, but I do like to plan so if we do decide we are going to travel down the centre we 100% wouldn’t be alone, everything would be planned, from our travel to our hostels so (hopefully) nothing would go wrong.

*The saying ‘the blind leading the blind’ comes to mind*

There’s also discussions of going to Fiji whilst we’re over this side of the world; and maybe popping back to Bali before flying home which I’m so up for ..but let’s talk about that some other time!

I feel like I’ve been the worst blogger in the world recently – but in all honesty we’ve not being doing much exploring so there’s not much to update you on. We spend our free time soaking up the sun and wandering the city – and I should also add that I seem to be spending my spare time getting obsessed over X Y Z ..I feel like because we’ve stopped and are working/saving that I’m going slightly crazy with thoughts flying round my head 24/7 ..but again I think that’s more for another post!

Til next time!

Love Bumble x

Top 10 Must Do’s in South East Asia

There are so many things to do and see in South East Asia! Our time traveling there was short lived but jam packed nonetheless, so I thought I would write a short list showing what I would class as a ‘must-do’ if your thinking of travelling there yourself!

1. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Now I couldn’t write this list without including this one first! Our visit to an Elephant Sanctuary was up there with my favourite days of our travels.

We had 2 MASSIVE bags full of bananas to feed them – all you had to do was hold out a banana and an elephant trunk would snatch it from your hand! They were like hoovers; eating banana after banana!

We also got to bathe the elephants – they seemed so happy playing around in the water – one was even blowing water out of his trunk at people which was hilarious!

On a side note: Do your research – there are so many places claiming to be a Sanctuary however are just there taking tourists money! It’s hard to find an authentic Sanctuary and I’m still not 100% sure the one we visited was one!

2. Catch the sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia

If you’re not a morning person then maybe give this one a miss (although I would still class checking out the Angkor Wat temples as a must-do).

We woke early and made our way to the temples and only just made it in time to catch the sun skim over the temples. It was bliss!

Or at least that’s what I would have liked to have happened..

The reality being it was cloudy AF so we woke for a non-existent sunrise!

But hey, you win some you lose some! We were just unlucky, and I’ve seen photos of how the sunrise SHOULD look and trust, you don’t want to miss!

3. Visit a tailor in Hoi An

Those of you who have read my previous travel diary posts and follow me on Instagram (@kimberleylouisebutler) know Hoi An was my favourite place in South East Asia that we visited.

I loved it there! The old town is covered in vibrant flowers and full of lanterns that light up the streets in the evening. It’s so cute!

As well as lots of shops and cafes there’s also ample tailors to get your teeth stuck into. They make made-to-measure clothes and all for a reasonable price – if you’ve got some spending money spare and are after something unique then definitely treat yourself to a tailor made outfit (or two)!

4. Wander Buddha Park in Vientiane

Buddha Park was definitely worth a visit. It’s a sculpture park full of over 200 Buddhist and Hindu statues; including one which you could walk inside (through the mouth) and climb to the top to see a view of the whole park – just be careful not to lose your footing as it’s not exactly secure!

5. Walk to the top of the Luang Prabang waterfalls

The Luang Prabang waterfalls were truly beautiful! We took a short walk to the top where we swam in the Lagoon; the walk itself was a little steep at times but definitely worth it up the top! Or if you’re feeling lazy just take in the views at the bottom – we won’t judge.

6. Visit a floating market

What is a floating market I hear you ask? It’s essentially a market on boats – I know – SO COOL!

We spent one morning visiting the Can Tho floating market in Vietnam, it’s mainly for whole sale however there were boats selling food and drinks too.

It was strange watching a boat pull up next to ours, make his pitch, easily make a sale and sail off to find more customers.

There was also boats selling noodles first thing in the morning! In Asia they eat rice and noodles for breakfast – bizarre!

7. Opt for a home stay with the locals – Anywhere

A home stay truly makes you appreciate your home comforts and also bring you back down to Earth.

On our Asia trip we actually had two home stays – both completely different.

One was way more basic than the other – I’m talking sleeping side by side on the floor of a wooden hut with a matt, pillow and mosquito net; and the other being a room with a bed, light and western style toilets!

Now neither were exactly great situations, I’m a huge clean freak and honestly couldn’t sleep at all! (Without sounding to much like a snob – I promise I’m not!)

But in terms of spending time with the locals it was great, we had a family cook a local dish for us and also met local children from the town. We gave them gifts of colouring books, colouring pencils and stickers – they loved them! It was so nice to see their appreciation for something that some children back home would just shrug off as the norm.

8. Take a boat trip around Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Our boat trip around Ha Long Bay was great! Ha Long Bay is full of limestone islands topped with rainforests and sailing around the bay is definitely a must do!

It’s also where some of Kong: Skull Island was filmed and if you’re feeling up to it you can even have a leisurely kayak around the bay!

9. Watch a Lady Boy show in Bangkok

So this isn’t exactly going to be to everyone’s taste BUT Thailand is so well known for its Lady Boy Shows, you just can’t NOT watch one!

Our last night in Bangkok was spent watching a Lady Boy Show and it definitely was unique, to say the least!

The show itself was really entertaining and some of the performers on stage you honestly couldn’t tell if they were a man or woman!

(Except for those with chest hair, armpit hair and a full on beard – I mean they’re clearly women – or is that just me? Haha)

In all seriousness though, I would highly recommend checking a show out, they’re unique and reasonably priced, so go for it!

10. Relax on Phi Phi islands

Now unfortunately we didn’t visit the Phi Phi Islands due to our busy schedule, but have heard it’s a must!

The islands are a 90 minute boat ride from Phuket and have turquoise blue waters filled with vibrant marine life ..that, teamed with its tropical beaches makes it sound like true paradise! So deffo worth a visit!

So that’s it for my list of Asia must-dos!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for travelling Asia! There are so many more places to go and things to do so let me know in the comments if there’s anything you would class as a must do that’s not on my list!

Love Bumble x

My Travel Diary: Australia 

Hi Guys!  
Firstly, apologies for the very long delay in writing this post! 
Ryan and I are still settled in Glebe; our office jobs have been extended until the end of February and in all honesty we’ve not done much exploring as we’re trying our best to save our pennies ready to travel Australia in a couple of months! (Hence the lack of posts recently) 
For all you food lovers out there we did visit a restaurant one weekend called ‘Bare Grill’ where they stamp their burger buns and have raclette cheese topping on the menu! Now I’m not a massive cheese fan (apologies) so I didn’t get cheese on my burger, Ryan however did order the raclette cheese and I couldn’t help feeling it looked like every cheese lovers dream! 

Since my last post we’ve had our Aussie Christmas and New Years. 
Christmas is by far my favourite time of year; I love the cozy nights in and spending time with family and friends, so I knew being away this year I was going to miss home like crazy. We decided we were going to have the most un-Christmassy Christmas ever to help me not miss being at home as much. 

Our Christmas didn’t exactly go to plan either. We had been hoping to spend the day at the beach – I mean, what else is there to do in the Australian summer? But, unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, it was hot but it was cloudy and overcast the whole day! So we didn’t end up going to the beach – we spent the day together, I cooked a curry for Christmas lunch (I know, weird, but I was not up for cooking a full on roast in the heat, soz Ryan) and we met up with another English couple in the evening for drinks and secret Santa! 

(My secret Santa got me a voucher to go and get my nails done at a salon BEST. GIFT. EVER!)
Ryan and I were very lucky and were given some pennies from loved ones back home for Christmas – all of which we have transferred into our savings apart from strict instructions from my mum, stepdad and Ry’s dad to treat ourselves to a meal out. Ryan and I went to Grill’d for one meal (and now we’re slightly obsessed with their delicious tasting burgers!) and went out to an Indian restaurant for the other. We must of been extremely keen to dig in to our Indian as we didn’t take a before photo of our feast! 

As we may only be in Australia for one year we definitely wanted to bring in the New Year by watching the Sydney fireworks. 

We queued up for what felt like forever and just made it into a section before it was closed off due to being ‘full’. (At midday I might add!)

The day was beautifully hot and the atmosphere when the countdown began was amazing! 

And it didn’t take us any longer than usual to get home which is a bonus!(Ryan and I went to London to watch the New Year fireworks one year and it took us 3 HOURS to get home! It was ridiculous!)

One of our house mates is originally from Nigeria and as she was travelling back there to visit family over the Christmas period she had given us some cinema tickets to use whilst she was away. 

We opted to watch the new Jimanji film! We do love the original but thought the remake was very funny and worth a watch! 
Another weekend was spent at the Royal Randwick Races. We went with another couple that we work with called Joe and Hayley. 

It was a great day, the sun was shining, the tickets were cheap and Ryan came back with the same amount of money he took as he won half of his bets and his horses came second or third in all the others… lucky git! We did however get very burnt from being out in the sun! Ouch! 

As I mentioned earlier, as we’re trying to save pennies our free time is spent soaking up the sun, taking in the graffiti and wandering the Glebe markets. We even stumbled across Pendrill Street which isn’t far from where we live! 

When it came to the end of the year I checked my nine most liked pictures on Instagram for 2017. All nine were from the second half of 2017 and all from my travels. 

Looking back at all the amazing things I’ve done since I left home I feel so grateful and incredibly excited for all the moments and memories that 2018 is going to bring! 
But first – back on that office grind! 
‘Til next time!
Love Bumble x

My Travel Diary: Australia 

Hi Guys! 
Since being back in Sydney Ryan and I have applied to what feels like a million jobs online. We’ve taken our CV’s round to places in our area, signed up to 3 recruitment agencies and moved into a room to rent. Busy busy busy!
From someone who has been in and out of hostels for months on end I can tell you having our own little space is bliss! No more living with randomers who have spread the whole contents of their backpack on the floor, no more having to take all of your belongings to a shared bathroom down the end of the hall to realise you’ve forgotten an essential (a towel? Shampoo? Your bloody room key?) .. in fact no more sharing a bathroom at all! Oh did I not mention we now have our own ensuite? 
To those reading who are not travelling you’re probably thinking I’m abit crazy for getting so excited about a room and ensuite but those of you who are travelling or have travelled and have witnessed hostel life, you know the drill – this is bloody great! 
And it’s actually cheaper to rent a room than it is to stay in hostels so yaknow, win win.
Not that I’m expecting you to give a sh*t about what our new abode looks like – here’s a pic! To be able to actually unpack our stuff too – can’t even tell you how great that was!

Also guys..
I have some good news! 
Can I get a ‘hallelujah’?!
So I actually had two options – I know, it’s like waiting for a bus, spend ages waiting then 2 turn up at once! 

(I’m not being funny but that saying is a load of bull, like when have 2 buses ever turned up?! Like, please.) 
Okay so my first option was Sephora. I popped into Sephora handed them my CV (obviously had to actually do my make up for once and with what was left of my travel make up collection – hard task I can tell you) and they called me back the same day to arrange an interview. 

The interview went really well and they called me to come in for a trial – I was so excited but also sh*tting myself. Like, I’ve never NEVER worked in retail and my makeup skills are pretty much non existent so yaknow not looking great. 
A couple of days before I was due to do my trial I was called about an office role. It was starting straight away, full time, set hours and I would have the weekends free. 
I was torn. Sephora had offered me a trial, the queen bee of makeup stores had held out an arm for me (ME?!) to potentially join their family and learn makeup techniques. Then there’s the office role, guaranteed hours, insurance based (hello, what I did at home),more money and weekends to spend in the Australian sunshine. 
I had to go back to the reason we were looking for work in the first place; to stop and save as much money as we can to fund further travels.. And with that in mind I turned down Sephora (if my makeup artist cousin is reading this she’ll be disgusted with my decision – Shannon please forgive me?) 

P.S to rub salt into the wound I also got called from MAC Cosmetics yesterday to arrange an interview that I had to decline. It was a sad day. 
The office role is within walking distance from our new home, and as they are expanding they had more than one position so Ryan is also working there! 
We started today and will be paid weekly which I am so ready for – SHOW ME THE MONEY! 
Ryan and I have also had some good news from back home…
Ryan’s best friend Paul and wife Alisha have just welcomed into the world the most adorable baby boy! Who is our godson – all I want to do is have a cuddle but we will have to wait until our travelling adventure is over! 
There have been so many things happening since we’ve been away; my sister moving into her first house, my cousin opening up her shop, my brother starting college, my friend getting engaged, now this little bubba being born! It’s sad to think we’re missing out on all these things but it makes it all that more exciting when we do finally return home! 
‘Til next time!
Love Bumble x 

My Travel Diary: Australia

Hi Guys! 
I’m writing to you on a plane from Sydney to Coffs Harbour. Free extra leg room, a view overlooking the sea and cotton like clouds with biscuits in hand – this backpacking malarkey ain’t half bad!
Since my last post Ryan and I have waved goodbye to Steve and Kathy who had kindly let us stay with them in Dee-Why and grabbed the ferry from Manly back to Darling Harbour ready for us to stay in the centre and wait on the arrival of our Australian bank cards. 

Our new home for a couple of nights was a small hostel above a pub. We really liked this hostel, it was small so reasonably quiet and super easy to get to know other travellers staying, the staff were extremely friendly and believe it or not the pub wasn’t loud at all! 

(Down side was that there was no cooker, only a microwave – so we lived off tried and tested backpacker favourite – packet noodles!) 
As we had to stay in Sydney for our bank cards Ryan and I spent the week wandering the city and visiting different attractions. 

Ryan found a discount online for a visit to two of Sydney’s main attractions; we opted to go to the Sydney Eye Tower and the Sea-life Aquarium. 

The tower is 309 Meters high and gives a 360 degree view of Sydney. 

From the tower we could see landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, the Allianz football stadium and so on. The view meant we could also spot street art and rooftop pools in amongst the buildings. 
The aquarium was great! There were penguins, an octopus, loads of vibrant fish, turtles, jellyfish and sharks! We were lucky and were able to see the penguins being fed – the zookeeper dropped a piece of food on the floor accidentally and then went on to tell us that the penguins are extremely fussy and will not eat any of the food if it has been on the floor – how strange! 

Another day was spent taking a walk over Sydney Harbour bridge. We had looked into maybe doing the bridge climb however it was very expensive and when we got to the bridge we were glad we hadn’t booked it..

Walking over the bridge itself was quite scary for height-hating me; Ryan and I were taking pictures along the bridge of the view (which was beaut) and made the mistake of looking down a few to many times! You could also feel the bridge as the cars zoomed across which just added to my fear – so we definitely ARE NOT going to do the bridge climb! 
After our stroll across the bridge we then made a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art and popped in the rooftop cafe for a cold drink after! 

Another day was spent wandering the botanical gardens. 

It’s always nice when the sun is shining to spend it strolling the gardens – no cars, no one in a rush, no noise apart from the birds chirping, just a leisurely stroll taking in the scenery. 
On our way to the gardens we walked through Hyde Park which was set up like a festival – loads of food vans, drink pop up shops, chairs and tables but everything was closed. I did a little search online and found out that it was set up for the ‘Night Noodle Market’ and was only going to be there for a limited time and was open in the evenings.

Naturally Ryan and I took the fact that it was limited as a sign that we had to go and visit while we were in Sydney! We sat on swings draped in flowers, ate yummy food and took a visit to the Pimm’s Garden!

When we stayed with Steve and Kathy they suggested we look into doing a whale watching tour. I already wanted to go on one but they said this is the best time of year to go as there’s lots of whales in the area. 

We did a quick search online and found a cheap deal for a whale watching cruise with lunch included. 

It was a 4 hour cruise and as we were going out to sea thought it would be best to grab some sea sickness tablets just in case. 


Almost all of the people onboard the boat were sea sick and even with the tablets Ryan and I felt a teeny bit queazy! 

The cruise itself was amazing – we saw 5 whales and multiple breaching throughout the 4 hours which was what we really wanted to see! We also saw a mum and her calf who kept copying when the mother would jump out of the water or flick her tail. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures of the whales..

1. They were too quick and

2. The boat was far to rocky to possibly get a picture that wasn’t blurred (trust me, I tried)

The next day was probably one of our favourite days in Sydney because we experienced things we had never seen before. 
The first was a march in Sydney for marriage equality. 

We had seen quite a lot of police cars and vans throughout the day and then we heard what sounded like a riot; lots of shouting and cars beeping. 

We took a walk down the street and there it was; a rainbow of people marching and chanting for a ‘yes’ vote on marriage equality.
It was beautiful to see so many people marching for something back home which is just so normal now. 

I couldn’t quite believe that a vote was even an option; surely marriage equality should just be the norm everywhere? 

We saw many couples marching together and multiple signs that made my heart ache a little with their words. One being a sign from an older lady stating ‘only I get to tell my son who he can marry’ and another ‘vote yes: so I can finally be my best friends bridesmaid.’ 

The other new experience (for me) was a football match – or ‘soccer’ if you’re in Aus. 

Ryan had mentioned that whilst we’re in Australia he would like to watch a match; as you can imagine my enthusiasm for this activity on a scale of 1-10 was probably a minus 5.

As with most things I’m negative about I usually eat my words and have a great time – and this was one of those times. 

The football match was so much fun. It was a derby between Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wonderers so the crowd was buzzing. 

When I’m at home I sometimes watch my younger brother play football – I get so stressed watching! He plays in goal so whenever the ball is near his goal I get heart palpitations that are through the roof and wonder why on earth I put myself through this ordeal (sisterly love and support and all that). 

Luckily this match wasn’t like that – I had no idea who was playing or who I wanted to win so I just enjoyed the game and the atmosphere of the crowd. 

Ryan got into the spirit and purchased a Sydney FC top. They were behind in the first half with Western Sydney Wonderers scoring less than 5 minutes in but when the final whistle blew it was a draw at 2 all. 

As I mentioned earlier we were on the plane to Coffs Harbour from Sydney. Our bank cards arrived and we were ready to start looking for farm work. I called a working hostel in Coffs Harbour that have connections with local farmers and can help you start your regional work – they had availability for us at the hostel and on the farm so we booked a flight and off we went. 
We came to Coffs in the hopes of starting our 88 days farm work and save money ready to travel at the end of the 88 days. 

It seems thinking we’d be able to save money was naive.

We started blueberry picking and after 2 days decided it wasn’t ideal for us at this current time. The people and the hostel was great; super friendly and such a laugh! But the pay for the farm work was too low. 

They pay per bucket picked and unless you’re a rapid picker you’ll be lucky to make minimum wage – so no saving on the cards! 

The place was great if you just needed to get your 88 days of regional work done to apply for your second year visa but not if you actually needed to save some pennies too. 

Edit: Completely forgot to mention that I also slipped over carrying two buckets of blueberries! Blueberries went flying – all my hard work all over the floor.. it was a real life Bridget Jones moment!

We decided we would go back to Sydney and try and find a ‘proper’ job with better pay.

As we had paid for a weeks accommodation we spent the next few days wandering Coffs and doing all the things we wanted to do as we were here. 
We spent some time at the beach and walked along the jetty. Ryan went body boarding and we saw some turtles swimming in the sea! So cool! 
We also visited The Big Banana and played mini golf in the sunshine. Believe it or not I was winning mini golf then lost after Ryan cheated his way to victory.

He says skill. I say cheat. 

I started writing this post on a plane from Sydney to Coffs Harbour and I’m finishing it on a train back to Sydney after our farm work not working out for us. How quickly things change when you’re travelling on a road to nowhere.

It’s all experience I guess; plus we met some pretty cool people. We had a nice BBQ one night to celebrate another traveller reaching half way through his 88 days and a bonfire and drinks at the beach another night which was worth the sore head in the morning! 

Now it’s back to unemployment life in Sydney – let’s hope it’s short lived! 

‘Til next time! 

Love Bumble x 


My Travel Diary: New Zealand and Australia

Hi Y’all! 
Remember me? I know, I know, I’m the worst blogger in the world! Apologies for the lack of updates these last few weeks – better late than never, right?
In my last blog post Ryan and I were on our way back to Queenstown after visiting the very South of New Zealand. 

Our time back in Queenstown was spent wandering the Queenstown Gardens and fudge tasting at a small sweet shop! 

We made our way from Queenstown to Christchurch stopping at Lake Tekapo along the way. 
Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand however, due to the earthquake that hit in 2011, there were lots of buildings under repair and building work going on almost everywhere. 
The 2011 earthquake tragically killed 185 people and on the first anniversary a local artist arranged 185 empty white chairs in a demolished site in the town centre. 

The chairs were only supposed to be up for 1 week but have since become an unofficial memorial for the 185 people who lost their lives that day. 

We visited the memorial and it was strange to see all the different chairs, from a stool to an armchair, and a baby seat to a wheelchair. Representing each and every individual that sadly died as a result of the earthquake. As well as the chairs there is also information on the earthquake itself along with the names and ages of the victims.

The rest of our time in Christchurch was spent wandering the Hagley Park and Botanic gardens and taking in the city. 

We took a look at the ruined cathedral and even found a meter which gave you ideas of free things to do around the city! 

You pressed a button which gave an idea of something free to do, if you didn’t like it you pressed the button again, when you saw something you liked you pressed another button which printed out a ‘ticket’ with the idea, address and how far away it was! 

I thought it was a great idea for teenagers who were bored within the area! 
We took a short stroll to the Sound Garden were musical instruments were made from rubbish found locally. The sounds the instruments made were not exactly harmonious but it was still nice to see waste being reused to entertain the youths (or Ryan and I at this point!)

Ryan and I then flew from Christchurch to Auckland where we stayed for a couple of days before flying to sunny Sydney, Australia. 
Now, to say I was happy to feel the heat and see cloud free blue skies when we got off the plane was an understatement! New Zealand was absolutely beautiful but it was chilly the majority of the time so jumpers and coats were definitely needed. Australia’s weather is beautiful and it’s only their spring so it’s only going to get hotter! 
Ryan and I stayed in Broadway for a couple of days to sort out our Australian bank accounts, our Tax File numbers, getting an Australian SIM card, you know – the boring, important stuff! 

We did take a walk to see the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge – it was great! Lovely to see something I’d seen so many times on TV and online, and with the sun shining the view didn’t disappoint! 

Unfortunately sorting out our bank accounts and Tax File numbers wasn’t a quick process so while we were waiting for emails we decided we would pop to Bondi for a couple of nights. 
The hostel itself was ‘ok’, we were given a private room without having to pay any extra dollar, it was right next to Bondi Beach which was great, but the kitchen we tried to avoid at all costs! It was far to small for the amount of backpackers staying, they had hardily any cooking utensils and it was, in my opinion, just a little bit grim! (But hey, what hostels aren’t?!)
We spent our time in Bondi on the beach, taking in the street art on the walls and walking to Coogee Beach. 
On our walk to Coogee Beach we had to walk through Waverley Cemetery.  

Waverley Cemetery is located on the cliff tops of Bronte and was opened in 1877. The cemetery itself is known for its Victorian and Edwardian monuments; it is home to many family tombs that vary widely in structure, size and colours. 

The cemetery was ginormous, by far the biggest cemetery I had ever seen. Unfortunately some areas of the cemetery had been sectioned off due to the damage from the 2016 storm which had made many of the older graves unstable and unsafe. 

Ryan has family that live in Dee-Why, Sydney and they have kindly let us stay with them. It was a short ferry ride to Manly where Steve and Kathy were waiting to greet us.

Steve is Ryan’s Dads cousin, Kathy is his wife and their 2 teenage daughters are Danielle and Georgia. It has been so lovely to meet more of Ryan’s family and for us to bond over our travels (Steve and Kathy traveled when they were younger too, and then ended up living in Aus!) 

They took us to the lookout point West Head where you can see Lion Island and Palm Beach and then to Long Reef to over look Dee-Why Beach. 

There were lots of paragliders around Long Reef – it was a miracle they didn’t bump into each other! 

We also took a bike ride down to Dee-why Beach where we stopped to get ourselves a Golden GayTime ice-cream (as recommended by the family as a must try). It was delicious! It’s a toffee and vanilla ice-cream dipped in chocolate then coated in honeycomb biscuit crumbs! 

Other days were spent walking around the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail where we came across tiny little ducklings which where so cute! And catching some rays down at Dee-why Beach – lunch included!  

Ryan and I are STILL waiting on our bank cards *rolls eyes* 

When we finally have them we will be able to get into the chaos that is finding farm work in Australia! 

We are looking to do 3 months of farm work in order to see a different rural area and also hopefully save a few pennies along the way! 
Hopefully in my next post Ryan and I will no longer be unemployed!

Pray for us! 
‘Til next time! 
Love Bumble x 

My Travel Diary: New Zealand

Hi Y’all! 

Apologies for not blogging in a while – if you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know the wifi is to blame! 
The last time we spoke Ryan and I had finished our time in Franz Josef and were making our way to our next stop: Wanaka. 
On our journey we stopped off at Lake Matheson which is commonly known as reflection lake. In order for the lake to reflect it needs to be completely still and not be disrupted by wind or rain; we had a little bit of rain and a teeny bit of wind but luckily we were still able to see some reflection in the water. 

We continued on our journey and were hit with snow on one of the long windy roads. We managed to get through the snow with ease and shortly after arriving in Wanaka we went in search for the most photographed tree AKA ‘That Wanaka Tree’. 

We didn’t need to look very hard, the tree was on the edge of Lake Wanaka and there were a few tourists already observing and taking snaps! 

In the evening Ryan and I visited Cinema Paradiso which was conveniently located across the road from our hostel. 

Cinema Paradiso is known for its quirky decor, consisting of sofas and cars inside the cinema room for you to park your bottom on. 

It’s also known for its delicious warm, freshly baked cookies that you can purchase half way through the film! The film stops and everyone piles to the front desk to stock up on their drink and munchies! 

In Wanaka we also visited Puzzling World. It was fun and interesting but slightly smaller than I’d hoped! There was also a maze outside were you had to get to each coloured tower in the corners of the maze! 

I was TERRIBLE at it – Ryan even had to come back after he’d finished to help me! 

We left Wanaka and made our way to Queenstown – the adventure capital!

Queenstown is known for being THE go-to place for adrenaline junkies. There’s masses of bungy jumps, zip lines, swings, skydives and so on. 
I am absolutely terrified of heights so none of the above appeal to me in the slightest. All apart from a skydive, but as skydives are so expensive Ryan and I have decided we’d rather do one later on when we have more money to play with. 
Ryan however talked himself into doing a canyon swing (and I watched for moral support). 

We were picked up along with other crazy people wanting to throw themselves off a cliff and made our way to the swing. 

This swing is 109 metres high, with a free fall of 60 metres and a total swing distance of 200 metres. 

Ryan was the second to last person to swing so we stayed on the platform and watched each person one by one fall of the edge first. (At this point I was feeling nauseous, baring in mind I wasn’t even jumping haha!) 

You could choose the way you wanted to fall off the edge, you could take a running jump, go backwards, go sitting on a chair, do the cutaway, go off a slide …the possibilities were endless! 

Ryan chose to do the cutaway; you dangle off the edge of the cliff and then at some point the people who work there would pull a string and release you. Who know how long you’ll be dangling there for?! 

I saw Ryan get dangled off the edge and while one man was talking to (distracting) him the other pulled the string! Lets just say Ryan was the most vocal of all the men there!

In Queenstown we also spent an afternoon going on the Gondola and Luge. 

This was the first time I had done either. The gondola was petrifying as it was so steep but it was worth it for the beautiful views at the top over looking Queenstown and the surrounding snow covered mountains.

The luge was so much fun! It’s kind of like go-karting but far less noisy! 

Another afternoon was spent playing frisbee golf in the Queenstown gardens. 

I’m not sure what my calling in life is but it definitely isn’t frisbee golf. Ryan was pretty good at it; or maybe he was just WAY better than his rubbish opponents! 

I enjoyed frisbee golf, it was simple, fun and free! 

Next we stopped off at Cookie Time for a warm cookie after being out in the chill. 

It’s kind of impossible to be healthy while traveling; everywhere you stop ‘you must try this’ and ‘this is the best *insert said food* you’ll ever have!’  

In all fairness, the things we have tried have been pretty darn good so it’s not all lies. 

And Queenstown is no exception. Home of Patagonia, Fat Badgers and Fergburger which, talking from experience now, I would definitely say are must tries. 

Patagonia having the tastiest ice cream and hot chocolate.. 

Fat badgers the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen (well except for Snappy’s ‘Beast’ pizza which was a bloody godsend for my family being one of 6 children)..

And Fergburger having the best burgers I have ever tasted in my life ..and that’s coming from someone who isn’t even a massive burger fan! 

Ryan, however, is a huge burger fan and even he said it was the best burger he’d tasted!

We left Queenstown and started our day trip to Milford Sound. 

Milford Sound is a fiord in the South West of the South Island.

Unfortunately we had rain on the day of our trip so the weather wasn’t exactly perfect. The rain water did, however, cause hundreds of waterfalls pouring down the mountain edges, both on our journey and on our Milford Sound boat trip. 

At the end of our Milford Sound trip we hopped on a bus to start our Deep South journey, visiting Invercargill and Dunedin to then loop back to Queenstown. 

In our Deep South trip we visited Bluff, the most Southern point on the South Island. 

We saw the South Pole which matches the one we saw at the most Northern point on the North Island when we had just started our trip of New Zealand. 

We also went on a wildlife search. 

We visited Waipapa Point which is known to be the home of sea lions, we had lunch with a couple of seagulls (which were way more polite than those in England – no snatching) and we tried to find some yellow eyed penguins from a lookout spot.  

We were very lucky and saw a sea lion and yellow eyed penguin; unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of the penguin as we were too far away and were using binoculars!  We also came across an empty stingray egg on our search!

We did a couple walks whilst down south; including the McLean falls walk and the walk up the worlds steepest street!

The steepest street, Baldwin Street, seemed to go on forever and at the top there’s even a water fountain to clench your thirst from the walk up! 
We are now on our journey back to Queenstown where we’ll stay for a few days before moving on. 
Find out what we get up to in my next post! 
‘Til next time! 
Love Bumble x


My Travel Diary: New Zealand

Hi Y’all!
If there’s one thing that’s worse than no wifi it’s wifi that is so rubbish that it might as well be non existent! 


Is the wifi going to work today? Doubtful.

Is it going to pretend it’s working to then stop half way through loading my pictures? 


Am I going to throw my phone in frustration? 

Most certainly. 
And because of this shoddy wifi problem I’m slightly behind in my blog posts (I know this seems to be a reoccurring predicament). 

I am now going to attempt to get all up to date in one post without chewing your ear off so wish me luck! 
In my last post Ryan and I had just left Taupo and were making our way further down south to River Valley. 
We stopped along the way to take a walk through Tongariro National Park. As expected when travelling the whole of New Zealand in a short space of time, there are many long journeys spent on the Kiwi Experience bus. These journeys, however, never feel as long as they are as we take many stops to go on well known hikes, supermarket shops or just to take in the views! 
We stayed in River Valley Lodge, which was pretty much in the middle of nowhere! Surrounded by fields with sheep and lamb roaming freely around the grounds. 

There was no wifi or reception at River Valley lodge but there was plenty for us to get our teeth stuck into (mainly the roast dinner and onsite bar!).

We took a stroll around the grounds and came across a ‘trolley’ which is used to transport people across the river and a giant chess board. Ryan and a couple of the other travellers attempted to teach me how to play but I quickly lost interest, I left it to the professionals. 
In the bar area the locals like to challenge the visitors to attempt to climb there way around the big wooden table in there without touching the floor; if you manage it you get a free drink. 

Most people attempted it, and failed, including myself (I have the bruises as proof). It was so difficult! Apparently it’s a lot easier for taller people and you need some upper body strength – so I was basically doomed from the get go! One guy in our group did manage it though and claimed his well deserved drink! 

We left River Valley and started our journey to Wellington. We took a lunch stop at Bull where they try and make a play on words anyway they can. We saw lots of sign posts with the word ‘bull’ at the end and I saw a painting on the front of a police station that I couldn’t help take a picture of. 

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city; it was previously Auckland but changed so the capital is now more central for both Islands.

Living in England and being close to London means my idea of a capital is somewhere that is super busy all of the time with masses of shops everywhere. Wellington was nothing like London, I probably should have just used my brain and remembered that there are over 6 million people living in London and only just over 4 million people living in the WHOLE of New Zealand, so the Capital would be nothing like ours! 

In Wellington Ryan and I decided we would walk to the Mt. Victoria look out. This spot is perfect for seeing a 360° view of Wellington. 

We also visited the Wellington Zoo to see the animals; including the kiwi bird. 

It was nice to see animals we hadn’t seen before; like the Red Panda, which was adorable! 

There was also an emu wandering around the pathways in a section of the zoo meaning we could get a closer look, so that was pretty cool too ..even when it started chasing me down the path! 

We then made our way to the South Island by jumping on an InterIslander ferry. 

Unfortunately the sea was pretty choppy and most of the boat were sea sick! Yuk! 

Luckily a girl we were travelling with had some sea sickness tablets which she offered round so our small group were all fine; but I was so glad to touch down on land after a 3 hour boat journey! 
Our first stop on the South Island was Kaiteriteri which is perfect for visiting Abel Tasman National Park. 

Ryan and I had booked extra nights to stay in Kaiteriteri so we would have plenty of time to roam the National Park. 

Unfortunately the weather when we arrived was AWFUL, it was raining heavily and was due to remain this way for the whole time we were in Kaiteriteri. 

This, teamed with the fact that our hostel was DISGUSTING, made us change our minds about staying longer. We left horrible Kaiteriteri and were glad to see the back of it! 
On our way to our next destination, Westport, we stopped at Nelson National Park and Lake to have a picnic lunch and take in the view. 

The lake was beautiful and the snow covered mountains could be seen in the distance. 

The only downside was that we got bitten to sh*t by sandflies! 

In Westport we stayed at a small hostel called Bazils, which offered pizza baked in a pizza oven for dinner. I mean, we had to say yes, be rude not to, right? 

Not to worry though – there was a gym next door to the hostel which a couple of us visited and the next day I tried yoga for the very first time; I’m not sure how effective yoga is exercise wise however I was extremely relaxed after so I would definitely do it again. 
We left Westport and made our way to Lake Mahinapua; on the way we stopped at Cape Foulwind and Pancake Rocks walkways. 

At Lake Mahinapua we had an ‘our world’ themed fancy dress party. 

Lots of people had some really good ideas, one couple went as Adam and Eve, 4 friends went as the elements, one girl went as the world. 

And some looked outside the box and dressed as their interpretation of our world today, one went as unlimited wifi, another as someone who was insta-famous, I went as a phone (because it was cheap and easy) and Ryan used this as an opportunity to wear his lemon suit (any excuse *rolls eyes*). 

The Lake Lodge that we stayed at was pretty nice, there were hot tubs, we had a massive pork roast for dinner and pancakes, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast, and it was situated a short walk away from both Lake Mahinapua and the beach! 

One place I was really looking forward to visiting in New Zealand was Franz Josef, there was so many possibilities for activities that I was interested in doing. 

 I wanted to do the Heli Hike on the Franz Josef glacier which looked AMAZING and also do a sky dive over the Fox Glacier which is rated one of the most beautiful skydives in the world! Unfortunately they were both weather dependant and we weren’t successful in either! *tear* 

The sky dive kept being cancelled and rescheduled due to horrible weather conditions, as annoying as this was, Ryan and I had accepted the fact it probably wasn’t going to happen and know that we have plenty more opportunities to skydive on our travels. 

The Heli Hike however did go ahead (well, partly). The weather was great; we took part in our health and safety briefing, got suited and booted ready for the cold and took our helicopter ride up into the glacier. 

The glacier was beautiful! 

We were up on the glacier for all of 30 minutes (of a 4 hour hike) before our guide had a call to say due to weather heading our way we needed to get a helicopter back to base. 

We were the last group on the glacier to be picked up before the guides and unfortunately within the space of us being picked up and dropped to safety the weather had already reached the glacier, meaning the helicopters couldn’t fly in the conditions. The guides were stuck on the glacier and were sent to the emergency cabin to wait for the weather to clear, in a couple of hours, days, weeks?! 

I was disappointed that our hike had been called off early but we got away just in the nick of time before the weather hit so I guess I’m thankful for that! 

The rest of our time in Franz Josef was spent going on rainy walks, watching films and drinking hot choccie by the fire! 

We leave tomorrow to go to our next destination in New Zealand. 
Find out what we get up to in my next post! 
‘Til next time! 
Love Bumble x 

My Travel Diary: New Zealand 

Hi Y’all! 

We left Paihia and made our way through Auckland to our next stop: Hot Water Beach.

We took a short walk before reaching our lodge stay in Hot Water beach to see Cathedral Cove; which is where scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia and the pop song ‘can’t hold us’ by Macklemore were filmed.

We reached our lodge and were advised that two hours either side of low tide you can go to the beach and dig yourself a hot pool! 

Unfortunately we had just missed this time when we reached hot water beach; and the next time it would be low tide was at midnight! 

Now, you can’t go to hot water beach and not dig yourself a hot pool on the beach…

So that’s what we did!

We hit the beach at half 11 and could see the hot water bubbling under the sand. All we needed was a shovel and a man (check) to dig a hot spa to bathe in! 

As the weather outside at midnight was freezing we only paddled but other travellers in our group went full on swimming in their bikinis and trunks! 

The water was mostly a lovely hot bath temperature but in some areas the water was boiling hot; giving ‘running along the beach’ a whole new meaning.  

I guess digging yourself a hot pool at midnight is one to tell the grandkids in years to come!

We left Hot Water beach the next morning and made our way to Waitomo. 

We stopped along to way to do the Karangahake hike. The hike is famous for its mining and railway history. We saw abandoned train tracks along the way and walked through an old mining tunnel that seemed to go on forever.

There was one thing I really wanted to do in Waitomo and that was to view the glow worm caves. 

We took a tour around the Ruakuri cave. This cave is thought of as sacred by the New Zealand Maori people and there are many myths and legends that are associated with the cave itself. 

One story we were told on our tour was that a certain part of the cave was used to store the dead, which is why many Maori people treat the cave as sacred as their ancestors are said to be buried there. 

We were told many creepy tales along our tour and each time the tour guide would tell a tale he would turn all the lights off so we were in complete darkness inside the cave! Not fun… Especially for a scaredy cat like me! 

The glow worms themselves were pretty cool! (As I expected *nerd face*) 

It was like looking up at the stars in the night sky; albeit with a slightly blue tinge.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures of the glow worms (my iPhone camera doesn’t stretch to that technical level) but I did manage to take some inside the cave as we went along.

Feel free to google glow worm caves to get a taster of what we saw! 

Are you ready to be super jealous?

Ryan and I left Waitomo to go to Rotorua..

And on the way we visited..

*drumroll please*


Now I have a confession to make; I’ve not actually seen ANY of the Lord of the Rings films. 

I know – shame on me – but visiting Hobbiton was on my list of things I definitely wanted to do whilst travelling this beautiful place! And I promise I’ll watch them at some point when I have time. 

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan (or not, like me) you HAVE to visit if you can – it was a great day out and the tour guides were brilliant too! 

Rotorua. What can I say? 





Rotorua has masses of geothermal activity and the sulphur leaves a horrid rotten egg smell! 

The smell is the only bad thing I have to say about the town. Everything else was great, I had the BEST time in Rotorua, one of my favourite places in New Zealand that we have visited so far. 

Yes the geothermal activity smells but it also forms beautiful geysers and boiling hot pools around the town. 

A short walk away from our hostel was Kurai park which you are free to roam around as you please! 

I loved that there was steam everywhere; it felt like being inside a cloud! 

We also took a trip to Te Puia Thermal Reserve to see even more geothermal activity.

We saw a geyser erupt, sat on stone seats heated from the earth and even ate boiled eggs cooked from one of the hot pools! 

One of the best nights in Rotorua was when we visited the Tamaki Maori village for an overnight stay. 

This was a chance for us to learn about the Maori culture and stuff our faces with glorious food! 

As we were entering into a Maori village we needed to adhere to their culture, so, as a group, we had to chose a ‘chief’ based on the males best Haka face. 

In the initial meeting at the village the Maori chief and tribe welcomed us to their home and sang us a traditional song which we had to reciprocate. We chose a song most of us knew which was Amy Winehouse – Valerie. 

Let’s just say Simon Cowell won’t be knocking on our doors anytime soon but we gave it a good go nonetheless.

We ended the meeting with the traditional rubbing of the noses by the two chiefs and then went on to have tea and cake in the big hall. 
After stuffing our faces we visited different parts of the village to learn more about the Maori culture. 

We played a game with sticks where we all stood in one big circle and each had a long stick, the Maori chief would say maui (pronounced ma-wee) or matau (pronounced ma-toe) which is left and right in the Maori language, we would then have to leave our stick upright and run to the left or right and grab the stick there. If you go the wrong way or drop a stick then you’re out! 

It was really fun; I felt like a big kid! 

We also learnt how to pronounce our vowels like the Maori people by singing a song called ”A Haka Mana’ which is in the tune of Stupid Cupid and I have been struggling to get out of my head ever since! 

The Maori people put on a cultural performance before our dinner which consisted of singing, Ti Rakau (rhythmic throwing of sticks) and Poi which is a performance using balls on strings. And of course the famous Hakka dance! 

After this it was our turn to do a performance of our own as we were asked to perform the ‘A Haka Mana’ song in front of the dinner guests (I hid at the back) and the men were all asked to perform the Hakka, including Ryan!

We had an all-you-can-eat roast dinner at the Tamaki village that was cooked by the heat from the Earth; the food was prepared, put into caged baskets and placed in a hole in the ground for around 4 hours. We had chicken, lamb and all the trimmings! Delicious! 

In the evening we jumped in the hot tubs beneath the stars with a beer in hand – pure bliss! 

I was sad to leave Tamaki village – it was the best experience! 

The rest of our time in Rotorua was spent roaming the town and zorbing down a hill! 

If any of you have me on Facebook you will have seen the video of Ryan and I zorbing – it was so much fun – yaknow, just incase my hideous laughing didn’t give it away!  

We left Rotorua and made our way to Taupo, pronounced Toe-paw.

We didn’t really do much in Taupo, the weather wasn’t too great and I guess it gave us a chance to save a bit of money! 

We did look around the shops and we saw the new All Blacks Rugby kits on sale – now I’m not a lover of sports but I REALLY liked the look of the All Blacks tops! I was ever so tempted to pick up my two younger brothers a shirt each but after looking at the price that thought quickly fizzled away! 
We are no longer in Taupo and have moved on to our next stop in New New Zealand.
Find out where on my next post!
‘Till next time!
Love Bumble x